Air fresheners do not purify the air

Air fresheners are commonly used in many public places, and many people are used to using them as the main helper to eliminate the odor or clean the air at home, especially in the toilets of many families, air fresheners and aromatics have become “permanent residents”. However, when it comes to the use of air fresheners, many people may have an illusion that as long as they use air fresheners, the air in their homes will be clean. In fact, these products with “fragrance” will only give people a fresh feeling in smell, but in fact, they do not play a role in purifying the air. After indoor use of air fresheners, the content of harmful substances in the air will not decrease, but may increase. The best way to improve this situation is to maintain indoor air circulation.

At present, the common fragrance types of household air fresheners sold in the market are: single flower fragrance type (Jasmine, rose, osmanthus, bell orchid, gardenia, lily, etc.), compound fragrance type, melon and fruit fragrance type (apple, pineapple, lemon, Hami melon, etc.), grass fragrance type, “coast” fragrance type, “perfume” fragrance type (suxinlan), etc. in addition, some drivers like to use toilet water as a car freshener, Compared with general air fresheners, the alcohol contained in toilet water also has an anti-toxic effect.

Most of the ingredients of many air fresheners popular in the market are composed of ether, aromatic essence and other ingredients. These ingredients will decompose and deteriorate when released into the air, which is a pollutant in itself. Different air fresheners only add different essence and taste different, so we should understand its harm:

polluting the environment : air fresheners actually cover up the odor and can’t fundamentally eliminate the odor. Therefore, when released into the air, they are a pollutant in themselves, and after their own decomposition, they produce harmful substances. Moreover, some air fresheners contain some impurities, which are also substances that pollute the environment.

allergies : the ingredients contained in air fresheners are all organic substances, most of which will cause allergies, and also produce some strong irritation to the respiratory tract, especially for people who are prone to allergies or allergic constitutions.

leading to serious diseases : aromatic substances contained in air fresheners can stimulate people’s nervous system and affect children’s growth and development. The European community consumer association found through investigation that air fresheners can even induce cancer and other diseases.

If you choose a more famous brand of air fresheners, it will be more reliable, but some air fresheners will become a source of air pollution because of the poor quality of their products. If the freshener contains impurities (such as methanol), it will be more harmful to human health if it is emitted into the air. These substances can cause human respiratory system and nervous system poisoning and acute adverse reactions, such as headache, dizziness, itchy throat and hair, and stinging eyes. And some sanitary incense or incense, after being ignited, will produce smoke particles, which will also cause secondary pollution of the air in the home. Therefore, if you want to keep fresh air in your home, it’s the best way to open windows frequently for ventilation. If you have to use air fresheners at home, do not use them at home for infants, asthmatics and people with allergies. For the deodorization of toilets, don’t rely too much on air fresheners. As long as you ensure frequent cleaning, you should be able to “invite” air fresheners out of the house. There are also simpler ways to remove the odor, such as putting an orange in the bedroom. Its fresh smell can not only stimulate the excitement of the nervous system, make people refreshed, but also clear the dirty air and beautify the indoor environment.

Young people generally like to spray some fragrance in their rooms or cars. The best way is to buy a good brand of air fresheners, so as to ensure real fresh air. However, relevant experts pointed out that the best way to freshen the room air is to remove the source of the odor, rather than using chemical products such as air fresheners to cover up the odor. Scientists’ research initially shows that the aromatic molecules in chemical fresheners react with ozone in the air, which will produce substances harmful to health including formaldehyde. Researchers pointed out that the exhaust gas from outdoor vehicles and sunlight will produce ozone. After people open windows, the outdoor air containing ozone enters the room. If the content of ozone in indoor air reaches a certain concentration, it will react with aromatic molecules in air fresheners. Some families that like to use ozone generators to remove odor will only have higher ozone concentration in their rooms.

relevant experts pointed out that the following points should be paid attention to when using air fresheners:

1. It should be used with caution when there are infants, asthmatics, people with allergic constitution and people with allergic diseases indoors.

2. When spraying or lighting air fresheners, it is best to temporarily evacuate the site and enter after most of the aerosol or particulate matter has settled. It is best to open doors and windows for ventilation before entering.

3. The deodorization of toilets and bathrooms shall use gas air freshener brand products.

4. We should not rely too much on air fresheners. We should find out the cause of malodor and thoroughly remove it, so that the air in the room can be really fresh.

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