Three ways to choose air conditioners to make you healthy all summer

Air conditioning is also known as summer cool quilt. There are a variety of air conditioning quilts on the market, with different prices; Generally speaking, as the main components of air-conditioning quilt, fillers and exterior fabrics play a decisive role in the quality of air-conditioning quilt. The filling materials for air conditioners mainly include hollow fiber cotton and silk, and the outer fabric is cotton or polyester. There are many air-conditioning quilts in the market, but most of them are hollow fiber cotton (a large part of the so-called silk is actually fiber fabric, so you must pay attention to it when shopping). The outer fabric must be pure cotton, which will make you feel more comfortable.

This kind of air conditioner has moderate price and good sales. If it is a brand, the price is generally around 300-400 yuan. The price of silk air-conditioning quilt is more expensive, which is more than 500 yuan. Although quilted quilts are used, some of them have protective sheets, some of the fabric patterns are embroidered, and some of the fabric patterns are printed. The price of air-conditioning quilt with protective sheet is higher, the price of embroidered air-conditioning quilt is relatively cheaper, and the price of printed air-conditioning quilt is the cheapest among the three kinds of air-conditioning quilt. If there is no pure white fabric of any color, it will be cheaper, as long as about 100 yuan.

There are many varieties of air-conditioning quilts in the market, and the prices vary widely. The difference in prices is mainly due to the difference in raw materials and processing methods. The quality of different fiber cotton varies greatly. However, as a consumer, we must identify the brand when we buy, and we must choose well-known products to avoid unnecessary damage to our health and give ourselves a comfortable and safe healthy sleep.

There is no particular about the washing of air-conditioned quilt. Just like ordinary quilt sheets, they can be washed directly with washing powder. The silk air-conditioning quilt generally does not need to be washed. Even if there is a stain, it only needs to be washed locally.

when buying air-conditioned quilt, you should first follow three principles: one look, two touch and three smell.

At a glance, you can observe with your eyes to understand the basic information and intuitive quality of the product. In addition to paying attention to the style, pattern and price of the product, you should also take a look at its appearance quality, such as whether the pattern of the quilt is skewed; Whether there is color difference in fabric splicing; Whether the sewing track is even, straight and firm; Whether the quilting track is smooth and flat, and there is no crease and cloth; Whether the stitch density is moderate. At the same time, as one of the product components, the operating instructions should also be checked in detail to understand the basic information of the purchased product, such as the composition of the fabric and filler (if the filler is silk, you should see whether the type of silk is marked), the safety category, the quality grade, the specifications and dimensions (in addition to the large and small dimensions, the weight of the filler should also be marked) Washing instructions (judge whether the specified washing method of the product meets your own requirements according to the composition and washing habits of the fabric and filler), manufacturer information, etc.

Two touch, hand touch, self check product quality. Spread the air-conditioning quilt flat, first touch the quilt surface with the back of your hand, and your skin should not feel irritated; Secondly, the palm of the hand should gently touch the four sides of the quilt, and the filling should be even and substantial; Press the quilt gently with the palm of your hand again, and it will rebound in a short time after being compressed; Finally, pick up and gently rub the quilt, which should feel soft and comfortable.

Smell three times and smell with your nose to further understand whether the product has potential hazards. Generally speaking, textile products will not have other abnormal smells except the natural smell of the fiber itself. However, due to the deviation of product processing, post-processing, storage and other links, some peculiar smell will be generated, which can be identified by smell. Qualified products should not have musty smell, fishy smell, gasoline (kerosene) smell and aromatic hydrocarbon smell.

What are four hole quilt, seven hole quilt and nine hole quilt

In fact, these “x-hole quilts” are chemical fiber products. Its principle is to evenly punch different numbers of holes on a chemical fiber to make it rich in air. The more holes, the better the permeability, and the easier it is to keep warm. In the traditional cotton quilt, the heat generated by the human body is absorbed by the cotton, which accumulates continuously and cannot be discharged. Finally, the cotton quilt becomes damp and cold. The chemical fiber does not absorb water, and the moisture on the quilt will be discharged with the air in the fiber, so the quilt can always be kept dry, which ensures that the quilt will not become moldy and is more healthy.

The chemical fiber after punching is very soft, and the shape is easier to recover. If it is covered for a long time, it can be restored to its original state as long as it is often patted, and it will not become hard and solid like a cotton quilt. It can also be washed with a washing machine and dried quickly.

Relevant experts from China Home Textile Association pointed out that buying chemical fiber quilt is not the same as buying cotton quilt. You don’t need to look at the weight, which is generally about three kilograms. The standard for purchasing seven hole quilt is divided according to seasons: Winter quilt is generally applicable to indoor temperature of 4-12 ° C, spring and autumn quilt is applicable to 12-22 ° C, and air-conditioning quilt is applicable to above 22 ° C. “The quality and price of the four hole quilt produced by different manufacturers are very different. Therefore, if you want to buy a satisfactory quilt, you should first look at the brand. If you buy a seven hole quilt, you should buy a quilt with 100% pore cotton.”

Look at the quilt cover after reading the content. See whether the quilt is made of cotton and whether the fabric is tight. Only when the fabric is tight can the chemical fiber filling in the quilt be kept from being exposed. At the same time, feel with your hand whether the quilt is very soft and smooth. A good quilt feels smooth and will return to its original state as soon as it is released. If you feel a little sticky, it indicates that the filler is not 100% fiber, or the quality of the fiber is poor.

Then lay the quilt flat to see whether the whole is flat and whether the thickness is even, especially whether the four sides of the quilt are natural and in a straight line. After overall review, don’t neglect the stitches and stitches, because good quilts have straight stitches and consistent stitches. The expert specially cautioned, “first check whether the seam is straight, then check whether the stitches are uniform. It’s best to compare and measure by hand to see how many stitches there are at the mouth of the tiger, and then compare and measure at another place to see if the number of stitches is the same.”

In fact, the four hole quilt, the seven hole quilt and the nine hole quilt are basically the same in principle, except that the seven hole quilt and the nine hole quilt are more mature in technology, more comfortable and fluffy, but the price is also more expensive.

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