See the trick: Summer all-round whitening method summer all-round whitening method

Eight ways to whiten white-collar Beauty in summer

In fact, whitening can not simply rely on whitening products. It needs internal conditioning and internal and external training. Today, let’s learn some local dietetic whitening methods with the editor. If you want to keep whitening lasting, you must not miss it.

Dietotherapy for dark face

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that blackness is mostly caused by kidney deficiency and insufficient essence and blood. You can take Liuwei Dihuang pill and other kidney tonic drugs internally.

Sour jujube and longan porridge


Sour jujube kernel longan porridge is applicable to the thickening of the face caused by insufficient Qi and blood in the heart and spleen.

Ginseng and yam porridge formula is applicable to the yellowish complexion caused by Qi failure;

Honey source pollen can eliminate black spots on the face and make the face white,

Peach blossom food is most suitable for those who have a gloomy face caused by poor liver qi and poor blood flow.

Diet therapy for black neck

Rice porridge is the traditional diet of Meijing

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that: the heart is deficient in blood, the front neck is pale and yellow, the liver Qi is stagnant, and the back neck skin is black and blue; Spleen deficiency, blood stagnation, black and thick neck skin.


Nucleic acid is the preferred nutritional food. Japanese scientists have found that after a woman takes 800mg of nucleic acid every day for one month, her neck skin will become white, tender and attractive. Foods rich in nucleic acids include fish, shrimp, yeast, liver, mushrooms, fungus, pollen, etc.

Rice porridge is a traditional diet for beautifying the neck. Red dates and corn have the effects of nourishing qi and blood, moistening the skin and enriching the muscles. They are suitable for people with spleen deficiency and weak blood.

Dietotherapy for dark skin in waist and abdomen

Shouwu japonica rice porridge

According to the theory of Zang Ming in traditional Chinese medicine, when the spleen is deficient and the kidney is deficient, the function of the five zang organs to transport essence and Qi is dysfunctional, which reduces the flow of Qi and blood to the lumbar spine and joint disc, and forms a rough and loose black skin ring in the waist and abdomen.


Shouwu japonica rice porridge in traditional diet has the effect of nourishing blood and Qi, pleasing skin color and benefiting liver and kidney. It is suitable for those with weak waist and abdomen and dark aging scars.

It is also effective to often eat insects such as silkworm moth and young cicada, because this kind of food contains more than 20 free amino acids, which is an ideal material for skin bodybuilding.

Insist on eating grains, vegetables and fruits, which contain calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium and other minerals and are the most ideal food for skin beauty.

Food therapy with purple and black arms

Purple and black buttocks are more common in sedentary workers, or in people with liver disease, sciatic neurosis, endocrine diseases and menstrual disorders.


Vitamin E can promote metabolism, increase the resistance of capillaries, maintain the normal permeability of pores, improve the blood circulation of buttocks, spread out hard wrinkles, and delay skin aging. Therefore, vitamin C and e should be supplemented. Foods rich in vitamin E include milk, eggs, sesame, honey, etc.

At the same time, eat less spicy and stimulating food and acidic food, and pay attention to sitting and walking alternately in daily life to maintain emotional stability.

Diet therapy for rough and black knees

When vitamin A intake is insufficient, dry, rough, keratinized and gray skin is easy to appear on the knee.


Foods rich in vitamin A include carrots, bananas, milk, etc.

Drinking aloe juice regularly can replenish skin moisture and restore collagen function, so as to prevent or delay the dry wrinkles and spots of knee skin, so as to maintain elasticity and whiteness.

Dietotherapy for dark circles

the lotus root

If you often work until two or three o’clock at night, and you have to hurry to work at 8 o’clock in the morning, then dark circles under your eyes will appear.

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