Synthetic camphor pills are harmful to health and should be carefully selected

Camphor pills, also known as camphor essence, are balls made of naphthalene. They are white and have a special smell. When placed in clothes, they can prevent insects from eating them. Also called sanitary pills, they are called sanitary balls and stinky balls in some places. Most of them are round, but some are made into flakes, lumps, powders and granules. No matter what shape, the performance remains the same. People put wool blankets and woolen clothes inside in order to prevent them from being eaten by insects. Pure camphor resources are limited, and camphor is more useful in medicine, plastics and spice industries, so people use synthetic camphor to replace natural camphor to make camphor pills. Synthetic camphor is made from turpentine, which is very similar to natural camphor. Its color and purity are better than those of sanitary balls made of naphthalene, and it will not leave yellow spots when directly sprinkled on the fabric. However, naphthalene is cheaper than camphor, so some people use synthetic camphor to replace natural camphor to make camphor pills.

naphthalene and dichlorobenzene in camphor pills are harmful to health, so they should be carefully selected

synthetic camphor pills containing naphthalene or p-dichlorobenzene have a pungent taste, and dichlorobenzene is toxic it can cause human poisoning symptoms, such as burnout, dizziness, headache, diarrhea, etc. Camphor pills containing p-dichlorobenzene and naphthalene belong to pesticide products, which are generally used for moth prevention of industrial or agricultural products, and are not suitable for daily necessities. A large number of practices have proved that benzene has great harm to human health. Therefore, the World Health Organization has identified it as a strong possible carcinogen. At present, more than 80% of camphor pills on the market contain naphthalene or p-dichlorobenzene to varying degrees, and less than 1 / 6 of the products printed with “never contain naphthalene or p-dichlorobenzene, safe, efficient, non-toxic and harmless to human beings”. Therefore, when shopping, you should recognize the product identification , try to buy products with clear identification, clear product composition, manufacturer and recommended dosage, don’t blindly judge the moth prevention effect only by the smell size , because moth proofing agents generally need to add some spices to suppress the irritating smell of camphor or p-dichlorobenzene. The moth proofing effect of moth proofing agents with strong smell is not necessarily good.

Camphor products must be replaced regularly to maintain long-term efficacy, generally 2-3 months. Even if this kind of product is non-toxic, it is best not to put it directly in the clothes. The correct way is to wrap it with breathable toilet paper and put it above the wardrobe. Those with small packages can be used directly, and some small packages are plastic bags, which need to be perforated to be effective. The combination of hanging type and various loose pieces has better effect.

newborns camphor pills are not allowed in clothes

The main component of camphor pills is naphthol, which has strong volatility. When people put on clothes with camphor pills, naphthol can enter the blood through the skin. There is glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G-6-PD) in the red blood cells of normal adults. This enzyme can quickly combine with volatile naphthol to form a non-toxic substance, which is discharged from the body with urination. Therefore, naphthol will not have a significant impact on adults. However, there is very little glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase in the red blood cells of newborns who are not long after birth. When the newborns wear clothes stored with camphor pills, naphthol is very easy to enter the red blood cells in the body, which destroys a large number of red blood cells and leads to acute hemolysis. The main manifestations are rapid anemia, severe jaundice and strong tea like urination. Serious jaundice can cause heart failure. Serious jaundice can endanger life because of nuclear jaundice, or leave behind mental retardation and movement disorder to varying degrees.

After putting camphor pills on the clothes of adults, they should also be dried for a while before taking them out to wear. They should not be worn until the smell of naphthol disappears, so as to avoid hemolysis of newborns after contacting them.

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