Xi Mengyao stepped on the skirt corner and fell. Why do you always sprain your foot when you walk on the ground

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No one has sprained his foot while wandering in the Jianghu. Have you sprained your foot?

The remarkable Shanghai secret service show has come to an end, and a number of domestic and foreign secret service angels have come on stage. However, during the performance, Xi Mengyao accidentally fell on the stage, which made people cry out for danger. Later, it was also seen from Weibo that the fall was not light, and the ankle was high and swollen. Many people wanted to ask, there are too many factors in super model wrestling, but why did I sprain my foot to wrestle on a flat road? Today, Xiaobian is going to talk to you about sprained feet!

What is a sprained foot?

Ankle sprain, medically known as “ankle sprain”, is a common occurrence in people’s lives. This kind of injury is a kind of injury that external forces make the ankle exceed its maximum range of motion, causing the muscles, ligaments and even joint capsules around the joints to be pulled and torn, resulting in pain, swelling and limping. When spraining the foot, the foot is generally turned inward, and the injured part is the external ankle.

Why do I often sprain my foot

If sprains often occur, most of them are due to improper treatment after the first sprain, resulting in instability of the ankle joint and frequent sprains. Ankle sprains often occur in varus position, which is easy to cause damage to the lateral ligament of the ankle, especially the anterior talofibular ligament and the calcaneal fibular ligament. After the first ankle sprain, many people’s treatment view is that it is a “trivial matter”, and it is wrong to continue to live or exercise as usual the next day.

What’s the right way to deal with a sprained foot

Finally, I know that frequent sprains are caused by improper treatment after the first injury. How should we deal with them after sprains?

1. Distinguish the severity of injury

Mild ankle sprains are only soft tissue injuries, slightly serious ones may be fractures of the lateral malleolus or the base of the fifth metatarsal, and even more serious ones may be bilateral malleolus fractures of the medial and lateral malleolus, or even triple malleolus fractures. The light ones can be disposed of by themselves, and the heavy ones must be diagnosed and treated by doctors in the hospital. Therefore, it is very important to distinguish the severity of the injury.

Generally speaking, if you don’t have severe pain when you move your ankles, you can still barely stand and barely walk; That proves that if the pain is not in the bones but in the muscles and muscles, most of them are sprains and can be handled by themselves. If you have severe pain when moving your feet and ankles, can’t stand and move with weight, the pain is on the bone, or you feel a sound in your foot when you sprain, and swelling occurs quickly after injury, especially the tenderness point is on the high bone in the middle of the outer ankle or the outer foot surface, which is the manifestation of injury. You should go to the hospital immediately for diagnosis and treatment.

2. Use hot compress and cold compress correctly

Both hot and cold compresses are physiotherapy, but their effects are quite different. When blood is hot, it will live; when it is cold, it will coagulate. Therefore, when the ruptured blood vessel is still bleeding, cold compress should be applied to control the development of the injury. Only after the bleeding stops can hot compress be applied to dissipate the blood stasis around the wound.

Careful readers must ask, how can we know if the bleeding has stopped? In principle, the limit is 24 hours after injury, and the following points can also be referred to: first, the pain and swelling tend to be stable and no longer worsen; Second, there is little difference in the feeling of swelling when raising and lowering the affected foot; Third, the temperature of the injured skin changes from slightly higher than the normal part to quite similar, which can be used as the basis for stopping bleeding.

3. Appropriate activities

After injury, you should also move properly. When swelling and pain develop after injury, don’t support your weight to stand or walk. It’s better to lift the affected limb to limit any movement. When the condition tends to be stable, the affected limb can be raised for active activities of the foot and ankle, but activities that may cause severe pain are prohibited. Wait until the swelling and pain gradually reduce, and then walk down. The time should be short first, and gradually increase after adaptation.

4. Press and knead correctly

Before the bleeding stops, it is appropriate to continuously massage the hematoma. The method is to press the thenar of the palm on the local area, and the pressure should be tolerable despite the pain. The time is to keep pressing for 2-3 minutes, then slowly release it, and then repeat the operation after a short pause. Every five repetitions is a stage, and it is more appropriate to do three to four stages every day. After the bleeding stops, apply a certain pressure to the local area with thenar or thumb pulp and knead it. The direction is to center on the obvious swelling and press it centrifugally in all directions around. Do it for 2-3 minutes each time, 3-5 times a day.

5. Rational drug use

Before the bleeding stops, it is not appropriate to take or apply blood activating drugs internally. You can spray the injured part with “good fast” and take Yunnan blood medicine orally. After the bleeding stops, wuhudan should be applied externally, Dieda pill and Huoxue Zhitong powder should be taken internally. Later, it can be smoked and washed with Chinese herbal medicine. If you don’t have Chinese patent medicine on hand, you can also fry the flour yellow, mix it with rice vinegar and apply it to the affected part to replace wuhudan, and the effect is also ideal. It’s also good to use a pinch of pepper and a handful of salt to boil water and smoke and wash instead of Chinese herbal medicines.

I still want to remind all babies that they must not jump blindly when walking, walk well, and often walk by the river. How can they not sprain their feet? Once they sprain their feet, they should deal with them as soon as possible according to the above methods. Don’t be careless, don’t become habitual sprains, or they will be guilty!

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