6 ways to get rid of dark yellow skin and whiten it 6 ways to get rid of dark yellow skin and whiten it

1. Drink water, 1 cup of water in the morning

We all know the importance of drinking water. Women need to replenish water, and when they have enough water, they will naturally have good skin. Therefore, we insist on drinking a cup of boiled water every morning after getting up. In order to increase the effect, we can add an appropriate amount of salt to the clear water, which can clear the intestines and eliminate toxins.

2. Isolation and sunscreen

In order to make the skin dark yellow and black, if you want to avoid this problem, you must do a good job of sunscreen and isolation before going out. You can use sunscreen and isolation cream with good effects. In addition, remember to remove your makeup immediately after you get home.

3. Wash and exfoliate your face correctly

The dull and yellow face seems to be caused by insufficient nutrition, but it is precisely caused by the failure of normal metabolism of the cuticle of the facial skin. Exfoliating facial skin is one of the ways to quickly change the dark, yellow and dull complexion. The exfoliated facial skin can not only make the facial skin white, tender and smooth, but also allow the nutrition of skin care products to quickly penetrate into the bottom of the skin, nourish the skin, and make the facial skin more bright and moist.

4. Apply facial mask

Don’t underestimate a small facial mask. Do it about once or twice a week. After long-term persistence, you will find that the facial mask is very effective in improving the skin, which can not only moisturize, whiten, but also remove acne. However, people with dark yellow skin especially need to pay attention to hydration, so it is recommended to moisturize their face with moisturizing water before applying facial mask. Such a small action can double the effect of applying facial mask.

5. Eat more radishes

White radish benefits the five internal organs and whitens the skin. Because white radish is rich in vitamin C, it can not only promote the integration of skin with collagen, but also improve blood circulation, remove exhaust gas and waste in the body, inhibit melanin, and make skin white and delicate.

6. Diet conditioning

Milk: drink more milk, especially pure milk. The saying that milk can make people white is scientific, so you must pay attention to developing the habit of drinking milk at ordinary times.

Jujube: because jujube is rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, eating it regularly can make your skin very smooth and moist.

Sesame seeds: the nutrients contained in sesame seeds can make your skin take on a new look like rebirth.

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