What is the reason for dark yellow skin? 4 tips to regulate dark yellow skin and make it white

We all hope that our skin is in good condition, and white and tender skin is the dream of every beauty loving female friend, but the reality is cruel, and many people will face skin problems.

Sometimes we will see that our skin color is dark, and our skin is dull and lusterless. We look very old. Don’t be afraid of this problem. As long as we can persist in whitening and conditioning, we can also have white skin.

If you also have this kind of problem, then go with the experts to see how to improve it! 1、 Dark yellow skin there are many reasons for dark yellow skin. Not only its own factors will cause dark yellow skin, but also the external environment will have a certain impact on the skin.

If normal sleep is abnormal, then the root of skin problems is sleep. At night, when skin cells are most active, if you don’t work and rest normally, the skin will become impermeable, the stratum corneum will thicken, dark and lusterless.

If you are under great pressure, it will also cause a certain burden on the skin, which will make blood vessels contract and affect blood circulation.

If you often smoke and expose your skin to cause sunburn, it is also the cause of dark yellow skin. Cigarettes will destroy vitamin C, and UVB and UVA in ultraviolet rays will damage your skin to a certain extent.

2、 How to regulate 1. Regular exfoliation often makes the skin appear dark and opaque because there are too many aged horniness accumulated on the surface of the skin. These aged horniness will block pores and prevent normal breathing. If too much is accumulated, the skin will gradually lose the sense of permeability, and the skin will be dark yellow and shiny. If you want white, bright and soft skin, you must remember to remove the horniness on time, so that the skin will be more shopping, It is also very beneficial to the absorption of subsequent maintenance.

2. Keep exercising more aerobic exercise is very good for skin maintenance, which can make the skin white and red.

Because aerobic exercise can promote the metabolism of the body, moderate exercise can keep the skin ruddy and shining, so it is recommended that you keep exercising more than twice a week.

3. If sauna detoxification is only a basic daily skin cleaning, it is not enough for dark yellow skin. It would be even better if we could have another steam bath or sauna once or twice a week.

Because sauna or steam bath can open pores due to the principle of heat expansion and cold contraction, so that dirt in pores can be discharged with sweat, which can accelerate metabolism and achieve the effect of beauty and beauty.

If you want better results, drink a glass of water before the bath and then drink another glass of water after the bath, which can achieve the detoxification effect faster.

4. Normal work and rest want to restore the dark yellow skin to white, tender and tender skin, but it takes a long time to adjust slowly, and it can not be changed overnight.

Adequate sleep time and naive sleep quality are a good medicine for skin conditioning, because many organs in the human body are detoxified at night. After entering deep sleep, the organs can detoxify better, and the skin will be better when there is less toxin.

3、 How to whiten 1. Apply facial mask facial mask frequently. As the best way to intensively nourish, it is easier to achieve results for whitening. As long as you persist in applying whitening facial mask.

The facial mask can quickly replenish nutrients to the skin in a short time, dilute the pigmentation, not only equalize the skin color but also brighten it.

If you want to achieve the most ideal effect, you should also choose a suitable facial mask according to your own skin type. As long as you insist on applying the whitening facial mask regularly, you can have whitening effect.

2. Daily wet compress wet compress is to apply makeup cotton to your face after dipping it in makeup water. Apply the cotton to your face for about 5 minutes. This small step is different from patting your face with makeup water at ordinary times. Wet compress can make your pores open better, drink water and absorb whitening ingredients.

After washing and gargling every morning, apply a cotton pad for 5 minutes, and then conduct daily basic moisturizing. If you want to make up, you can start to make up after the moisturizing step is absorbed.

After wet application, you will find that the entire facial skin is full of water and will not feel dry for a day. After applying makeup, the base makeup will also be very comfortable because of the sufficient Moisturizing Foundation.

Long term adherence to the use of whitening lotion for wet application also has whitening effect.

3. Sunscreen is necessary. Many girls think that in autumn and winter, when the sun is not as strong as in summer, they can avoid sunscreen. In fact, the ultraviolet rays in autumn and winter are many times stronger than in summer, so they must be sunscreen even in autumn and winter.

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