The self-made freckle removing facial mask can prevent rebound, and the self-made freckle removing facial mask can prevent rebound

The long spots on my face are really annoying. I have never wanted to look in the mirror, and I don’t want to see myself in the mirror. Some people have tried many methods, but they have no effect; Some people have tried to have an effect, but it is easy to rebound. Today we are talking about: homemade freckle removing facial mask can prevent rebound.

Banana facial mask

How to do it: peel and mash the banana into a paste, apply it to the face, and wash it off 15-20 minutes later. Long term persistence can make the facial skin delicate and refreshing, especially suitable for facial beauty of dry or sensitive skin, with good results.

Honey double kernel freckle removing facial mask

Method: dry the wax gourd kernel and peach kernel, grind them into fine powder, add an appropriate amount of honey, and mix them into a sticky paste. Apply it to freckles before going to bed every night and wash it the next morning. After applying for three weeks, the freckles will gradually fade. Pay attention to sunscreen during treatment. Wax gourd kernel contains fatty oleic acid, guaramic acid and other components, which has the effect of lightening freckles. Peach kernel is rich in vitamin E and vitamin B6, which not only helps skin to resist oxidation, but also reduces UV damage. The moisturizing effect of honey makes the facial mask better.

Salt vinegar facial mask

2G salt, 12g Angelica dahurica, 6G chrysanthemum powder and 6mg white vinegar

Method: grind Angelica dahurica and chrysanthemum into fine powder, mix white vinegar (edible vinegar) and water in salt, Angelica dahurica and chrysanthemum powder, make a paste, apply it to your face at night, and wash it after 30 minutes.

Efficacy: it has the effect of removing various facial pigments. In the formula, salt detoxifies and cleans the skin, Angelica dahurica activates blood circulation and turns spots, chrysanthemum antibacterial beauty, and white vinegar turns spots white. Matching medicine and food can play a role in removing facial pigment spots.

Prevent the formation of freckles

1. Don’t be anxious, irritable or melancholy, keep a calm mind and good mood.

2. Get enough sleep every day.

3. Choose appropriate skin care products.

Use natural ingredients and traditional Chinese medicine as freckle removing cosmetics;

Use foundation cream and powder to cover the color spots. The foundation make-up selected should be slightly darker than the skin color, so as to reduce the color difference between the spots and the skin and play a covering role.

Avoid the sun, and choose sunscreens with different SPF (sun protection factor) according to different seasons

4. Pay attention to your diet.

Eat foods containing vitamin C, vitamin E and protein, such as tomatoes, lemons, fresh dates, sesame, walnuts, job’s tears, peanut, lean meat, Lu, etc. Vitamin C can inhibit the transformation of metabolic wastes into colored substances, thus reducing the production of melanin; Vitamins can promote blood circulation, and proteins can promote skin physiological functions.

Eat less greasy, spicy and sticky food, avoid smoking and alcohol, and do not drink too strong coffee.

Self made freckle removing facial mask can prevent rebound, which is all I have introduced to you. Do you know if friends remember it? We must pay attention to our usual eating habits, which is very important.

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