What can I wash my face with to whiten it? What can you wash your face with to whiten it

Whitening is a matter that requires perseverance. To make whitening come more quickly, we should not only choose the right method, but also adhere to it. Adding some materials to the facial washing water can make our whitening plan easier and more lasting. So how to wash your face to whiten it? Let’s follow Xiaobian to have a look!

Material 1: salt

Salt not only has the effect of whitening, but also can remove horniness at the same time, making the skin more delicate and brighter. You can add some salt to the cleansing products. The particles that have not been completely dissolved in salt can be used as a scrub, which can effectively improve the greasiness of the face.

Material 2: white sugar

White sugar is also an ingredient with cleaning effect, which can clean and whiten the skin. Add some white sugar to the facial cleanser, and then gently rub it on the face to make the skin white and bright.

Material 3: milk

European nobles have used milk baths to whiten their skin for a long time. We can add some milk when we wash our face at ordinary times, which can effectively nourish the skin and also whiten it. After moistening the face, apply the milk directly to the face, and then wash it with clean water. The method is very simple.

Material 4: white vinegar

I believe many mm have heard of the whitening effect of white vinegar. It can also help soften horniness and make skin more white, tender and delicate. When washing your face, pour an appropriate amount of white vinegar directly into the basin, and then wash your face with dissolved white vinegar water, which can make your skin white.

Material 5: Tea

The tea polyphenols contained in tea are good skin care agents, which can help the skin effectively resist oxidation and relieve the skin. In particular, green tea has a good cleaning effect, which can help the skin effectively sterilize. Adding some tea to the face washing water can whiten the face.

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