How many ways to whiten instantly? I’ll teach you a few tricks to whiten and get immediate results

Everyone wants to be white again and again, but in the mall, beauty products that touch Meibai are extremely expensive. And after buying it, we can’t see the effect we want. Poor girls want to whiten and save money, but the hope still exists. Let’s look at your trick of glycerin white vinegar whitening DIY — I tried this myself, and the effect is amazing! Ladies who love beauty, let’s watch DIY together!

Glycerin: I suggest you buy it in the supermarket. There are many fake goods online.

White vinegar: you must use the one with the “pure grain brewing” sign.

Mineral water: everywhere.

Spray bottle: available from Watsons.

Compound color light can rejuvenate skin, quickly remove acne and leave no marks

White vinegar: Glycerin: pure water = 1:2:4

Note: the proportion should be as accurate as possible. The energy cup should be used as much as possible. Don’t be lazy.

1. After washing your face, spray the mixture on your hands with a spray. Remember to put it on your hands, and then pat your forehead, cheeks and chin with both hands… Never use it in your eyes. The first time there was a little irritation, it was that the skin did not adapt to normal, so don’t worry. The amount of the first time should be less, and one spray is enough.

2. After shooting, massage your face with moisturizing lotion. There is no limit to the brand of moisturizing lotion.

Remember: this method can only be used at night, never during the day.

Ha ha, do you think the method is very simple after reading it? I believe everyone can do it. In order to whiten, we must try it!

Next, Xiaobian will recommend several methods that can achieve whitening and skin care effects only with white vinegar

Wash your face with white vinegar: each time you wash your face, put a small basin of water, add a small amount (about two tablespoons) of white vinegar, pour it into the water, mix it well, throw it on your face, or simply immerse your face in warm water. Then pour out the water and start the normal facial washing procedure. White vinegar can reduce wrinkles: after washing your face at night, take 1 teaspoon of vinegar and 3 teaspoons of water, dip them in cotton balls, gently rub them on the wrinkled parts of your face, and then gently massage them with your finger belly to clean them. This method can help eliminate small wrinkles on the face.

White vinegar softens skin: wash your face and hands first, then immerse them in warm water with vinegar, wash your face and hands, and then wash them with clean water after 5 minutes. If you do this for a long time, your skin will be smooth and delicate. The amount of vinegar added to the water should be small, and the water should not change color.

White vinegar freckle and fade: mix white vinegar with a proper amount of Atractylodes macrocephala, seal and soak for a week. After washing your face every day, wipe the long spots on your face, which can gradually eliminate and fade away over time.

White vinegar dispels tiredness: when used in a basin bath, add 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar to warm water. After bathing, it can not only remove the aged cuticle of the skin, but also eliminate fatigue, rejuvenate the spirit, and make the face look very ruddy.

White vinegar can also inhibit dandruff: before going to bed every night, wet the place where dandruff grows with 1:1 vinegar and water, gently rub the root of hair, and wash it with water after 10 minutes. This can inhibit the formation of dandruff and ultimately cure it. Washing hair with warm water mixed with vinegar also works.

White vinegar hairdressing: after washing hair with neutral shampoo each time, rinse hair with warm water with a small amount of vinegar, and rinse with water 20 minutes later. Slowly, the hair will become soft, shiny, dark and beautiful.

White vinegar rejuvenation: white vinegar and water are mixed in a ratio of 1:3, which can be separately packed in a mineral water bottle. After washing your face in the morning and evening, gently pat the white vinegar water on your face with your palm. Don’t use too much at once, just a little. You can feel your whole face wet. Occasionally you can wash your face with this water.

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