Moisturizing, whitening and skin care products? Recommend several good whitening methods

Mm all hope to have white and smooth skin. With the growth of age, there are more and more skin problems. Here are some whitening tips to help you learn the skin care methods in spring, overcome dark yellow skin, and become white and rich.

The first whitening trick: wash your face to remove dullness

Facial cleansing is the first step of skin care and the most basic whitening step. Use facial cleanser to clean the dirt in the skin and make the skin glow new. White vinegar washing the face is a good method. Mixing white vinegar and water can reduce the production of melanin.

Second whitening trick: sleep beauty sleep to remove dark circles under the eyes

Modern people have irregular work and rest times, and their skin is prone to dark and dark circles under their eyes. Too heavy dark circles under their eyes will make your face dull and listless. Therefore, your skin will get better and better if you have enough sleep.

The third whitening trick: Chinese herbal whitening

Chinese medicine can dredge the pores inside the skin, fundamentally repair damaged cells, regenerate cells, mix with normal circulation function, and Chinese medicine is also pure natural and non irritating, which can eliminate scars and reappear white and smooth skin when applied to the face.

Finally, whitening is the goal that many girls are always pursuing, but how to whiten correctly? How much do you know about the way to whiten dullness? Xiaobian now also fully solves the whitening questions for you and helps you whiten correctly.

Even skin tone is more important than whitening

First of all, we should understand the concept that the whiter the skin, the better. Whether it is white or black, the most important thing is to have a uniform skin tone. You know, uneven skin color will make you look 5-10 years older than your actual age. In other words, when your skin is not white enough, you should first learn to adjust your skin tone, which will make you look younger and make others feel that you have become white.

How to make skin tone even

Even skin color can be achieved more than whitening. Color spots, pockmarks and dullness are the culprits of uneven skin color. If you don’t use skin care products according to the case, you can’t see the whitening effect just by blindly whitening, and these problems will not be improved. Therefore, if you want to whiten and solve skin problems quickly, you need to find the cause and improve it.

If it is the accumulation of cuticle that makes the skin dull, then exfoliation will make the skin white slowly; If there are color spots, you need to use light spot products to brighten your skin tone; If the skin color is uneven due to pressure or staying up late, it is necessary to improve sleep, relieve pressure, do a good job in hydrating, and return to beauty in an instant. That is to say, there are many reasons for turning black, and the ways to make you white are also very different.

How to choose whitening products?

First of all, we need to find out what the skin needs. Is it because of aging, cuticle accumulation or melanin precipitation caused by sunlight? Because of aging, we choose whitening products containing polypeptide and other skin tightening ingredients, which can not only improve age spots but also reduce uneven Brown deposits on the surface of the skin. Sunlight can easily lead to skin inflammation. Using repair products together with whitening products can better equalize skin tone. Finally, no matter what causes your dark skin, you should pay attention to sunscreen every day.

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