How to use eggs to remove freckles? How to use eggs to remove freckles

With the improvement of our quality of life, most of our friends are also very concerned about skin. Many of our friends will have problems like freckles on their faces. I believe that the spots on their faces make many mm not confident. Mm fights with spots day and night in order to have white and flawless skin. There are many freckle removal methods on the market now, but few can be completely eradicated. Let’s introduce the healthy and cheap freckle removal method recommended by beauty experts – egg freckle removal.

Vinegar egg juice

Material: I need a fresh egg and 500ml of high-quality vinegar.

Freckle removal method: wash and dry the eggs first, and soak them in vinegar for one month. When the egg shell is dissolved in the vinegar, take a small tablespoon of the solution and mix it with a cup of boiling water. Take it after stirring, one cup a day. Taking vinegar egg liquid for a long time can make the skin smooth and delicate, and remove all black spots on the face

Egg white vinegar

Freckle removal method:

1. Buy a bottle of white vinegar (there is special white vinegar for soaking eggs, if there is no white vinegar, ordinary vinegar is OK), and an egg. Find a container for eggs. The container should have a slightly larger mouth, which is convenient to take out the eggs after soaking (because there is only a layer of soft skin left in the eggs at the end of soaking, and it is easy to break), and the volume should not be too large, otherwise it will be a waste of white vinegar;

2. Wash the eggs with clean water, put them in the container prepared in advance, pour in white vinegar, and immerse the eggs completely in white vinegar. It is best that the white vinegar can not exceed the eggs;

3. Cover the container, put it in a cool and dry place (without refrigeration), and soak for 5-7 days;

4. After 5-7 days, the egg has been soaked, and it is obvious that the egg is fat. Its shell is completely calcified, leaving only a layer of soft skin inside;

5. Gently take out the eggs with your hands and put them in the bowl. Then gently prick an eye with a needle to let the egg clear flow out;

6. Then leave all the egg white in the bowl and throw away the skin and yolk. Pour out the white vinegar after soaking the eggs, and do not use it again;

7. Then pour these egg whites into a small bottle and take them out to wipe your face once a day.

Honey protein membrane

Ingredients: one fresh egg and one tablespoon of honey.

Freckle removing method: mix the two evenly. Before going to bed, brush the film on the face with a clean soft brush. During this time, massage can be carried out to stimulate skin cells and promote blood circulation. After drying for a period of time, wash with water twice a week. This facial mask can also be diluted with water and rubbed with hands to prevent chaps in winter.

Egg yolk honey facial mask

Materials: one egg yolk, appropriate amount of honey and flour.

Freckle removing method: add honey and flour into egg yolk to make a thick paste, and apply it evenly on the face, which can not only cure acne, but also prevent dry skin in autumn and winter. If it is oily skin, add a spoonful of lemon juice and mix it well, apply it on the face with a cotton swab, and wash it off with warm water 15-20 minutes later.

I believe that friends are very familiar with the above methods of removing spots with eggs, and the production method is very simple. Many mm may have spent a lot of money for freckle removal. The above freckle removal methods are the cheapest in history. You may as well do it yourself.

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