How many methods to restore whiteness? I’ll teach you some tricks to restore your whiteness

Different people have different reasons for dark skin and different needs for whitening. Everyone wants to whiten, but different situations have different whitening targets. Students, white-collar workers, housewives, these different levels of people also have different emphasis on whitening. Specific analysis of the specific situation, targeted can really turn white.

White collar executives

Enemy of whitening: lack of sleep

Busy work makes executives and white-collar workers lack sufficient rest time and good sleep quality. Insufficient sleep will slow down the skin’s subcutaneous microcirculation, reduce the oxygen carrying capacity of blood, and prevent the smooth discharge of toxins deposited at the bottom of muscles. Moreover, the ultraviolet damage to the skin during the day can not be repaired in time, resulting in dark and uneven complexion, and loss of the sense of penetration that healthy skin should have.

Key points of care: for the whitening problem caused by insufficient sleep, choose whitening products containing self-healing function of skin, which can restore the normal metabolic state of skin in a short time, and even if you sleep poorly, you can have a white and compact face.

Freedom of travel

The enemy of whitening: ultraviolet

If you want to whiten, you must first protect yourself from the sun. In summer, the sun is fierce, and ultraviolet radiation will activate melanoblasts to form tyrosinase. With the continuous renewal of new cells, they will move to the surface of the skin, and over time, pigmentation will form spots. In addition, most of the wrinkles and spots on the skin are also caused by photoaging.

Key points of nursing: in addition to applying high index sunscreen products for those who love to travel, they should also apply sunscreen products frequently, and take hard protective measures such as wearing sunshades and sunglasses. In addition, don’t forget to use the whitening essence milk that can fight sunburn every morning and evening to kill the spots from the root.

Striving to learn to be a bully

The enemy of whitening: acne marks

The young Xueba girl is in the period of youth development. She works hard for her future by relying on youth as capital. She has no restraint in pressurizing herself. It must be reasonable for her to suffer from acne after a long period of high-load study and work. In addition, people often like to eat irritating food, such as spicy and fried food, which leads to skin endocrine imbalance, acne, greasiness and other skin problems.

Key points of care: eat more fruits and vegetables, which are rich in vitamins, which are good for the skin. Besides, fruits and vegetables are not only delicious and make people feel good, but also can be made into natural facial mask, with good effect. To remove the acne marks, you can use some whitening essence that can inhibit the slight burning inflammation inside the cells, with gentle massage techniques, and focus on the darker parts of the acne marks. After a period of time, you can see a very intuitive effect.

Different environments lead to different reasons for skin darkening. Whether it is students, executives or housewives, there is no difference in the idea of whitening. If you want to really whiten, it depends on the person. No matter what kind of person you are, there will always be a suitable method for whitening. As long as you don’t lose heart, whitening will always be yours.

Summer 9 Tips to help you become a white beauty

Whitening method 1: cucumber dressing

Before going to bed, put cucumber slices on your face and take them off in a few minutes. After a month, your face will be white and tender.

Whitening method 2: sunscreen isolation should be done well

According to medical reports, the ultraviolet rays in the sun, in addition to the commonly known UVA and UVB, also include the so-called UVC. Usually, UVC and UVB are easy to cause sunburn on sunny days, but don’t think that sun protection is unnecessary on cloudy days, because there are still UVA long wavelength rays that can cause damage to the skin, so we must pay attention to protection, so as to prevent the premature occurrence of skin aging! Remind ol that computers and office lights will hurt our delicate skin! So remember to wear some isolation cream at work. You can choose products with a lower sun protection index, but you must not be lazy!

Whitening method 3: apply self-made facial mask to your face

A。 Smear the protein directly on your face and rinse it after it is dry.

B。 Soak commercially available dry facial paper in milk, drain and apply it to your face.

C。 Mix mung bean powder with protein and evenly apply it on your face.

Secretly teach you a little trick: washing your face with warm water first and then cold water will make your skin clean and pores smaller.

Whitening method 4: lazy facial mask

If you are a “little lazy person” like me, love beauty and are lazy to “toss”, you can use a simple and ready-made facial mask. Use whitening facial mask about 3 times a week. No matter how lazy you are, you should do it. This is already a very lazy way!

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