How to remove spots and restore white and tender skin? How to remove freckles and restore white and tender skin

How to freckle in spring?

Color spots have become a worry for many women. With the increase of age, the skin gradually ages, especially after a long time of sunlight exposure, the melanin in the skin gradually starts to imbalance, resulting in uneven distribution of melanin on the surface of the skin. The most direct manifestation is the formation of color spots. Sadly, women’s color spots are one of the most difficult skin problems to overcome. Freckle removal needs to pay attention to strategy, and spring freckle removal needs to be proved by action. Let’s take a look at how to freckle in spring.

1: Carry out sunscreen to the end

Ultraviolet is the biggest culprit for the formation of color spots, so sunscreen is the most important link for freckle removal and an important factor to prevent spots from rebounding. In dry spring, although the sun is not as hot as in summer, the residual ultraviolet rays can still make you “lose color”. Therefore, when you go out in spring, you must forget to apply sunscreen. Of course, since the sunshine in spring is relatively mild, it is OK to choose sunscreen products with an SPF value of about 15. Too high a multiple will also bring a burden to the skin.

2: Exfoliate frequently

Although spring has begun to warm up, the temperature is still relatively low. Too low a temperature will make the metabolism of the skin very slow, and the stratum corneum will gradually accumulate and thicken. Although the cuticle is supposed to protect the skin from damage, the cuticle is too thick, which will greatly weaken the permeability of the skin and weaken the absorption of the effective ingredients of freckle removing products.

Therefore, the second key to freckle removal in spring is to choose a mild exfoliating cream to exfoliate frequently. The best frequency is to use it once or twice a week. Too often will also cause loss to the skin. When using, the force should be light. First, gently smear the exfoliating cream on your face, stay for about 3 minutes, and then massage in circles to peel off the dead skin.

3: Become good friends with freckle cream

In order to meet women’s eagerness for freckle removal, a large number of freckle removal products are produced on the market. However, the selection of freckle removing cream must be careful. Many freckle removing products have mercury and lead content exceeding the standard. Although it seems to have some effect for a while, it will eventually lead to dull skin and irreversible damage. Therefore, we must choose products with reliable reputation and quality.

When purchasing freckle removing cream, in addition to recognizing whether there is a mark QG for special cosmetic use, we should also look at the shelf life clearly. In addition, it is more scientific and safe to choose freckle removing cream with similar freckle removing time and skin metabolism cycle (28 days).

In addition to purchasing scientifically, there are also corresponding techniques for applying freckle cream: you should first wipe the forehead and nose that are not easy to absorb, and then gently massage them, and then wipe the cheeks. Freckle cream can not be applied to the corners of the eyes and the corners of the mouth, so be careful to avoid it. The best time to apply the freckle cream is before going to bed at night, half an hour in advance, and then go to sleep after penetrating into the skin.

4: No hurry, no impatience, the most freckle removing

Women often care about their appearance, so once they grow spots, they start to sigh, feel that there is no hope in life, and even carry a heavy ideological burden, resulting in anxiety and impatience. Unexpectedly, excessive worry will consume vitamin C, which has the effect of weakening spots in the body, and make spots more rampant. Therefore, if you want to remove freckles, you must not be impatient. Being calm is a powerful guarantee for freckling.

5: Get enough sleep

Not only freckle removal, but also the skin care effect of sleep is unmatched by many cosmetics. In particular, the golden sleep time from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. cannot be made up once it is missed. In the long run, it will not only fail to remove spots, but also make them more serious. So, calm down and sleep well, which will help you get sunburn “spots” earlier.

6: Apply homemade lemon juice to your face

Homemade lemon juice dressing: the freckle removing effect of lemon is well known to all. Because lemon contains a large amount of vitamin C components that can whiten, many mm with spots choose lemon juice dressing to remove freckles one after another. But in fact, vitamin C in unrefined natural lemon can not be directly absorbed by the skin, and it also contains a component called solanine, which is easy to form color spots. If you apply lemon peel or juice to your face and then bask in the sun, the chance of color spots will be greatly increased. The correct way is to soak lemon in water. This homemade lemon water can supplement vitamin C from the inside out, so that the spots can go without a trace.

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