How many methods to freckle and restore white, tender and flawless skin? I’ll teach you a few moves to remove freckles and restore white, tender and flawless skin

Can chloasma be removed? How to remove freckles? Generally, if women are patients with endocrine disorders, they are more likely to have chloasma, and with the aging of the body and functional degradation, chloasma will gradually appear, and now more and more young people also have chloasma. I refuse to be a Dalmatian again! Here are 7 unique ways to quickly remove chloasma and freckles. Pick up these unique ways to eliminate these annoying spots!

Trick 1: do a good job of sunscreen all year round

The most important point of freckle removal is sun protection. It is necessary to do a good job of sun protection all year round. Many people think that they don’t need sun protection at the end of summer, but spots often come in at this time, and ultraviolet radiation will aggravate color spots! Therefore, it is necessary to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and reduce the appearance of spots. Apply sunscreen and use a sunshade 20 minutes before going out.

Trick 2: remove spots with tomato juice

Tomatoes contain a large amount of glutathione, which can effectively inhibit melanin, prevent pigmentation, and disintegrate melanin. Eating tomatoes regularly can effectively prevent and treat various spots. It is worth noting that tomatoes belong to photosensitive food, and it is best to eat them at night!

Unique skill 3: vinegar and brine freckle removal

Mix vinegar, salt and water in the ratio of 3:1:9, then soak the towel thoroughly, and then rub it on your face. Use it once in the morning and once in the evening. If you persist in using it every day, the effect will be very obvious, and the color spots will disappear quickly. At the same time, it can also effectively treat acne.

Trick 4: Lemon freckle removing method

Wash and slice the fresh lemon, grind it, add borax powder and sugar, mix it, put it into a glass bottle, seal it, take it out every three days, take a small spoon out of it every morning and evening, brew warm water and drink it. If you stick to drinking for a little time, you can reduce and eliminate freckles on your face. Girls without freckles can make your skin ruddy and tender.

Trick 5: loofah water to remove freckles

Dry the loofah and grind it into powder. Mix it with warm water every night before going to bed and apply it to your face. Wash it off with warm water the next morning. The vitamins contained in loofah have a bleaching effect. If you use this method for a long time, it will certainly have a good effect and make your skin delicate. If you don’t have time to DIY, you can directly replace it with Loofah water on the market!

Trick 6: exfoliate

If you want to remove spots, you must first clean the aged horniness on your face. If you don’t clean the horniness on your face, it will become thicker and thicker, and your skin will become dark. Regular cleaning of horniness can restore your skin’s metabolism and promote the absorption of freckle removing products.

Unique skill 7: use freckle essence with whitening products

The concentrated freckle removing essence is definitely the enemy of chloasma and freckles, but it can’t chew too much. The freckle removing essence is only suitable for local use. If you want to use it on the whole face, you should choose whitening products! Of course, if the freckle essence and whitening products are used together, the effect will be increased!

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