Teach you how to get rid of acne quickly? I’ll teach you how to get rid of acne quickly

This is a quick way to get rid of pox. Fighting pox is easy. When pimples grow on the face, people start to be irritable. Friends who have been troubled by acne for a long time want to learn some quick ways to remove acne, so as to solve their own skin problems.

1. Milk acne removal

The existence of milk is also indispensable in the tips for removing acne. Fresh milk contains a lot of protein, calcium and other nutritional elements. Drinking a cup of fresh milk every day for one or two months will reduce the occurrence of acne. At the same time, rubbing fresh milk on the acne area can also eliminate acne and dilute acne scars. If you dip and smear the frozen milk on the acne, it will also have the effect of reducing inflammation to the acne muscles.

Quick acne removal method, “battle acne” is easy

2. Lavender essential oil to remove acne

Lavender essential oil used in beauty and skin care can balance oil secretion and improve skin condition, and also has a good effect on acne removal. If your acne has become red and swollen, you can use lavender essential oil to solve it. First prepare 500ml of purified water, and then drop 5-6 drops of lavender essential oil into it. After mixing them evenly, wipe the acne area with cotton dipped in the mixture, which can effectively eliminate inflammation and sterilization. Or directly use a cotton swab to dip lavender essential oil on the acne.

3. Lemon essential oil to remove acne marks

Acne marks are just as annoying as acne. At this time, you need to use lemon essential oil to deal with acne marks. Prepare 500ml of purified water and a small amount of baking soda. After mixing them, drop 3 drops of lemon essential oil, and then stir them evenly. Then, soak the cotton pad with the mixture and apply it to the place with acne marks. Take it off after 10 minutes.

Quick acne removal method, “battle acne” is easy

Acne is the heart disease of many people, and dealing with acne is a lasting battle. In order to solve the problem of acne as soon as possible, we all need some quick ways to get rid of acne. I hope the above suggestions are helpful to you.

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