How to apply the whitening facial mask? How to apply Whitening Facial Mask

Whitening facial mask has always been a must-have for girls to protect skin. How to apply the whitening facial mask? Today, I will introduce and bring you the methods of self-made facial mask one by one. Let’s take a look.

The correct step to apply whitening facial mask?

1. Clean

Before applying the whitening facial mask, remove make-up and wash your face. If necessary, exfoliate, but not too often.

2. Hot compress + massage

After cleaning, it is best to wet the face with a hot towel for 3 minutes and gently massage the skin for 3-5 minutes, which will help open pores and facilitate skin absorption.

3. Apply essence

Choose essence according to your preferences and needs, apply a thin layer on your face first, and then apply whitening facial mask.

4. Apply facial mask

In order to ensure the effect, after applying the whitening facial mask, adjust the appropriate position according to the shape of the face. Be sure to drive away the bubbles in the facial mask with your fingers, and keep the facial mask as close as possible to the contour of the face.

5. Rest facial mask

It’s a process of relaxation and enjoyment. It’s better to lie down.

6. After pasting

Remove the facial mask paper from the bottom to the top. Don’t tear it off until it is completely dried to avoid taking away the moisture from the face.

7. Apply lotion or face cream

In such a dry season as winter, it is best to apply a layer of lotion and face cream, because lotion or face cream will firmly lock in nutrients and make skin smoother and more tender.

What are the effective self-made whitening facial mask?

Cucumber white vinegar facial mask

Materials: half a cucumber, an egg, a small amount of white vinegar whitening steps: 1. Peel and wash the cucumber, and press it into juice; 2. Break the eggs and add an egg white to the cucumber juice; 3. Add two drops of white vinegar and stir well. Apply the facial mask evenly on the face, avoiding the eyes, and wash after about 10 minutes. Efficacy: this facial mask regulates facial skin, replenishes skin moisture and nutrients, locks moisture, and white vinegar has whitening effect.

Honey aloe facial mask

Wash the fresh aloe vera and remove the skin, then cut it into pieces and press the juice, then add a proper amount of honey or flour and stir it evenly (if pearl powder can be used to replace flour, it will be better). Then apply the prepared facial mask on your face and wait for about 15-20 minutes before washing. Efficacy: whitening, heat clearing, anti wrinkle, soothing skin.

Milk facial mask

Pour an appropriate amount of milk and a little honey into a clean container, stir well, and then add a compressed facial mask. After the facial mask absorbs the milk, it can be spread on the face, and then wash the face with clean water. Efficacy: whitening, rejuvenating and moisturizing.

Cucumber and potato facial mask

Materials: half a cucumber, half a potato, proper amount of water and flour. Whitening steps: 1. Peel the potatoes and wash the cucumbers in the middle; 2. Cut potatoes and cucumbers into small pieces and mash them with a Juicer; 3. Add an appropriate amount of mineral water and filter it; After that, add flour to the filtered liquid, stir evenly, and adjust it into a paste. 4. After cleansing with warm water, evenly apply the prepared facial mask on your face, and wash your face with warm water 15-20 minutes later. Efficacy: it can not only effectively dispel acne and remove acne marks, but also make skin white, tender and moist.

Tomato Whitening Facial Mask

Materials: 1 tomato, 5g starch whitening. Step: mash the fresh tomatoes, add a little starch to increase the viscosity, and mix them together evenly. Efficacy: the rich vitamin C in tomatoes can remove skin pigment and whiten skin. Its rich acidic juice can also help you balance the pH value of skin.

Honey egg white facial mask

Materials: 1 egg white and 20g honey. Whitening steps: 1. Put egg white in a bowl and stir until it bubbles; 2. Then add honey and stir well. 3. After cleansing, apply it on your face, wash your face in 30 minutes, and do it twice a week. Efficacy: this facial mask can moisturize and compact skin, effectively remove wrinkles, and make your skin glow again.

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