Why didn’t you do a lot of whitening work? Eight whitening false propositions should be solved in time

We all know that Bai is a career of women’s life. The words Bai Fumi, Bai Gujing, silly Bai Tian and so on often heard in daily life can’t be separated from one word, which shows the importance that Chinese people attach to dialogue.

Every woman wants to have white porcelain like skin, but the reality is cruel. Many times, she has done a lot of whitening work but still can’t whiten. So why? A: let’s look down to find the answer.

Whitening false proposition 1. I think I don’t need to whiten “my skin is white enough, so I don’t need to whiten anymore”. Stop! Your idea is very wrong. Even white eyebrows will have spots, uneven skin color and other problems! So, whitening is a lifelong career, and the biggest role of whitening and maintenance is to help the skin block the production of melanin, break up existing spots, and make the skin look even and bright.

2. Whiten quickly overnight don’t imagine that you can whiten Fan Bingbing in one night with skin care products. Do you really think you are using powder or prickly heat powder? They turn white once they are wiped, and they can change back. Don’t be silly, sister. Even the whitening needle will take three or four days to take effect! Those skin care products that turn white after wiping must contain excessive mercury and lead. Although these chemical ingredients can whiten people, they are extremely harmful to the human body and may even cause cancer..

3. The saying that medicated whitening is mild and reliable is only half right. It is worth noting that some medicated skin care products contain certain alcohol, which will make the cuticle of the skin thinner. Although it can whiten the skin, it also destroys the tissue of the skin, making it more sensitive and fragile.

4. There is no need to protect wood from the sun at night. Although there is no sun at night, there are moonlight and lights, which are also dead from the light. These are all ultraviolet rays! Therefore, it is also necessary to do a good job in skin protection when sleeping at night. In addition, it is best to turn off the light when sleeping. 5. If you wear sunscreen, you don’t have to wear an umbrella. You think that everything will be ok if you wear sunscreen, and you don’t need to wear an umbrella anymore! Don’t be naive.

Sunscreens have different values, also divided into waterproof and non waterproof. Non waterproof sunscreens are easy to lose their efficacy after mm sweat, and they are more likely to blacken under the sun.

We are not frail sister Lin, and we won’t do anything with an umbrella with a little weight! 6. Daily whitening facial mask whitens faster daily whitening facial mask whitens faster? Die faster! It’s right to insist on making facial mask, but you can’t do it every day. If you eat too much, you’ll get tired. What’s more, if you apply a high-performance facial mask every day, you can’t do useless work. It may also lead to clogging pores.

Two or three times a week is enough.

7. If you don’t wash your face before going to bed, the dust in the air, the radiation of the computer, and unknown bacteria will lead to the rapid loss of skin moisture, making your skin look dull and dull. It is the enemy of whitening.

Therefore, it is best to clean your face with facial cleanser with whitening and moisturizing effect before going to bed.

8. If you eat photosensitive food during the day, you will go out. Lemon, carrot, papaya, celery… Although these are rich in vitamins, they are photosensitive food. If you eat these foods and move in strong light, it is easy to turn black! The above is the false proposition of whitening brought to you. I believe you will have a deeper understanding of whitening and skin care after reading this article.

In daily life, many people hope that their skin can be white and flawless, so they actively carry out whitening work in the hope that they can realize their desire for whitening.

These false propositions can help you get out of the misunderstanding of skin care and whitening, and will not be deceived by some statements in daily life.

In this way, skin care and whitening can give full play to the maximum effect!

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