What are the foods that promote skin whitening? Eat 7 kinds of foods frequently, and your skin is getting whiter and whiter

Every woman hopes that her skin can become beautiful and white. Many women in life have yellowish skin. How can she whiten her yellowish skin? There are many ways to quickly whiten your skin, such as eating more fruits to help your skin whiten, and doing more skin care work to help your skin whiten. Let’s see what can be done to whiten your skin.

How to whiten yellowish skin 1. Replenishing a lot of water is a very important step and the most basic. Many people will lose a lot of water after being exposed to the sun. At this time, they can use some water spray to replenish water.

2. The dual care of whitening lotion can also use some whitening lotion containing plant ingredients, which can play the role of secondary cleaning and also have the effect of astringent whitening. I hope you can pay attention to it.

3. 24-hour non-stop whitening because the ultraviolet rays are very strong during the day, when choosing products, it is best to choose products that can inhibit melanin. Of course, at night, it is best to use some repaired products, because it is also necessary.

However, at this time, the regeneration speed of cells is twice as fast as that in the daytime. Therefore, night is the best time to further whiten and repair skin and improve the whitening effect. It can repair cells more effectively, make skin fully prepared and strengthen the ability to defend against ultraviolet rays in the daytime.

4. Professional whitening and repair if possible, try to go to the beauty salon to do regular skin care once a week or ten days. Under the guidance of a beautician, choose a course of treatment suitable for young skin, and take special care of whitening and moisturizing.

Or use weekly care products, whitening essence and essential oil repair series, and ask a beautician to operate and massage for you. The effect may be better than that of one month at home! 5. Continuous use of whitening facial mask to get rid of the pigment deposition after sunburn and whiten the skin in a short time, it is necessary to combine daily care with intensive care.

It is advisable to use a facial mask with whitening effect to strengthen skin care every day. By using impact therapy in medicine, a large amount of whitening nutrients in the facial mask can strongly penetrate into the deep bottom of the skin, so that the skin can be significantly improved in a short time, return to tender and transparent, and achieve the ideal skin tone.

What foods can help skin whiten? 1. Nuts such as walnuts, pine nuts, sticks, peanuts and sesame seeds are rich in vitamin E, which is an effective antioxidant. It can prevent the excessive oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids in the body, prevent premature age spots (life spots) on the skin, effectively prevent the deposition of brown pigment in the skin, and prevent brown spots and plaques on the face; Vitamin E can also promote cell division, regeneration, delay cell aging and restore skin elasticity.

2. White radish white radish is a common vegetable, which has the effect of promoting digestion and appetite.

White radish is rich in vitamin C, which can whiten the skin and inhibit melanin in the skin from forming primary melanin precipitation.

Therefore, eating more white radishes can whiten! 3. Lemon lemon is a good beauty product in fruits. It is used as a raw material for cosmetics and skin care products because of its rich vitamin C and calcium.

Its main beauty effects are: whitening and cleaning skin, removing color spots, tightening skin, moisturizing skin, eliminating fatigue, anti-aging skin, etc.

In addition, lemon also contains a large amount of fruit acid, which can soften the cuticle, remove dead skin and promote skin metabolism.

4. Pumpkin vitamin C has a good whitening effect, and there are many foods containing vitamins. Pumpkin is the first one, mainly because many vitamins contained in other foods will be lost after heating, while the vitamins in pumpkin will not be lost due to heating, so if you want to achieve whitening effect, you can eat more.

In addition, pumpkin is also rich in vitamin E, which can maintain skin elasticity and prevent aging.

5. Potatoes potatoes are not only delicious, but also one of the whitening foods. Potatoes contain a lot of vitamin B groups and a lot of cellulose, as well as trace elements and proteins, which can help the body detoxify and achieve the effect of beauty. Rich vitamin C can whiten the skin.

6. Apple peel is rich in “apple polyphenols”.

It contains active substances such as catechins and anthocyanins, which have strong antioxidant effect and can resist the harm of reactive oxygen species generated after ultraviolet irradiation.

In addition, it also has a certain effect on preventing melanin production and whitening skin.

7. Cucumber everyone knows that cucumber has the effect of whitening, eliminating sunburn and freckles, and alleviating skin allergy symptoms.

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