Keep doing this to make your skin whiter and whiter

As the saying goes, if we want to be beautiful, we must first make our skin look white. However, we have tried many ways. What are the ways to make our skin whiter and whiter? There are also whitening misconceptions that you have always insisted on. What other foods can help us whiten? Let’s take a look with Xiaobian.

whitening methods

1. Do a good job in cleaning the face. If you don’t clean your face, the ash layer will easily accumulate on your face, which will become thicker and thicker, prevent your skin from breathing, and make your skin dull and dull. Therefore, it is important to wash your sister’s skin with warm water, and it is important to choose a facial cleanser suitable for your skin.

2. Hydrating and moisturizing is very important. The skin is short of water, which is easy to dry the skin and increase the horniness, which is not conducive to the absorption of some skin care products. Therefore, drink more water. For skin care of the face, choose moisturizing and moisturizing products, and apply some whitening products. Although the effect is not great, it can make the skin moist and shiny.

3. Do a good job in sunscreen. Most people turn black because they don’t do a good job in sunscreen. The wind and rain can easily turn black and accelerate the aging of the skin. Therefore, do a good job in sunscreen before going out. Put sunscreen on the exposed skin. Try to wear long clothes, trousers and hats.

4. Eat more vitamins. Vitamin foods have antioxidant effects, which can prevent skin aging. In many cases, vitamins can help skin to appear color spots. Common vitamins are found in fruits and vegetables, so you can eat more fruits and vegetables.

5. Keep sleeping. Adequate sleep can ensure that the skin becomes more moist. Moreover, adequate sleep can regulate the hormone balance of endocrine well. Once the hormone balance is reached, it will also have a good nursing effect on the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to keep sleeping.

6. Keep optimistic and stressed. Sometimes your mood or mood is a little low, so you must ensure that you are in a comfortable mood. This will also help you whiten your skin. You may as well find something you like to do in life.

7. Regular exfoliation: Although exfoliation will not have much impact on the skin, once the stratum corneum is too thick, pores will be blocked, which will hinder the progress of whitening the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to regular exfoliation, because if exfoliation is too frequent, it will also damage the skin.

8. Taomi water, Taomi water is the water we wash rice in our daily life. Generally, we pour out this water directly. We will not think about the help of this water at all. However, such water can help skin whiten, so many tips in life are very valuable.

misunderstanding of whitening

1. Incomplete makeup removal

White collar workers can hardly give up their make-up. However, while color makeup adds beauty to white-collar workers, it also leaves hidden dangers to the skin. The foundation make-up and eye shadow used for make-up generally contain grease, so it is necessary to use oily cleaning cream to clean first, and then wash with facial cleanser. Double cleaning can completely remove residual makeup, sebum secretion and dirt attached to the skin, so that the pores are unblocked, and the skin can be fresh, breathable and breathe freely. Otherwise, if makeup removal is not complete, it is easy to cause melanin deposition, and any amount of whitening products will be wasted.

2. Insufficient sleep has nothing to do with whitening

Have you taken into account the quality and quantity of sleep? Staying up late, staying up all night and sacrificing sleep not only slow down metabolism and melanin deposition, but also make black spots, freckles and dark circles under the eyes come.

3. A set of whitening products is enough.

We are indoors and outdoors every day, and some people even change places at home and abroad. Different regions, seasons, latitudes and altitudes have different temperature and humidity characteristics. Now the weather in spring is unpredictable, so don’t think that a set of whitening products is enough. Different whitening products should be selected according to the change of seasons, but they should not be changed too frequently to avoid hurting the skin.

4. Famous brand whitening can completely whiten

Nowadays, skin care products emphasize high quality and nature, which indeed has whitening effect, but there are also many problems that skin care products do not adapt to. In fact, the principle of choosing skin care products is to “suit yourself” as the first criterion. Therefore, don’t buy a whole set of expensive skin care products at once, unless you have used them before and feel that they are suitable for you.

5. The magic way to whiten your skin quickly

Don’t be tempted by exaggerated and untrue advertisements, thinking that you can get snow-white skin overnight. There is no quick way to whiten. You must use mild products and gradually change into white skin after day-to-day maintenance. In addition, if you want to perform skin whitening operations such as fruit acid skin replacement and radiation freckle removal, although you can achieve rapid whitening effect, you must find a professional and guaranteed beauty agency or hospital. You can’t choose unqualified agencies to perform such operations at will, otherwise it is easy to damage your skin, and such damage is irreversible.

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