How much is beauty and skin care? Micro blog of beauty and skin care

The beauty of a woman comes from eating, and we don’t need to question it

It is most important to know what to eat and what not to eat

Women’s best meat: Although the fat of geese and ducks is no less than that of animal meat, their chemical structure is close to olive oil, which is not only harmless but also beneficial to the heart

Chicken is the “best source of protein”

In addition, rabbit meat has the effect of beauty and weight loss

The best soup for women: chicken soup can not only provide a lot of high-quality nutrients to the human body, but also sweep away fatigue and bad mood when people are listless or depressed due to low blood pressure

In addition, chicken soup, especially hen soup, can also prevent and treat colds and bronchitis

Women’s best brain protection food: the best brain protection food includes spinach, leek, pumpkin, scallion, broccoli, vegetable pepper, tomato, carrot, green vegetables, garlic sprouts, celery, as well as dried fruit foods such as walnuts, peanuts, pistachios, cashews, pine nuts, almonds and soybeans

The best acid correcting food for women: kelp enjoys the reputation of “the most alkaline food”, so you should eat kelp 3-4 times a week to maintain the normal alkalinity of blood and prevent diseases and strengthen your body

Women’s best snacks: preserved plum, raisins and other snacks are not only rich in vitamins and trace elements, but also have long-term preservation of freshness and nutrition, and low calories

The best whitening food for women: native melon root powder is the powder processed from native melon root

Bitter taste and cold nature

Guipi and Weijing

It is rich in fatty acids, kaempferoside, amino acids, carotene, choline and other ingredients, and has the effect of clearing away heat and toxin, eliminating swelling and knot, promoting blood circulation and breaking blood stasis

It can activate blood and remove blood stasis, improve blood circulation of the skin, eliminate black spots on the face, and treat acne and pockmarks

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