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Beauty is the nature of women. The skin is dry and tight, and the color spots are aggravated… All kinds of skin problems come one after another

In fact, as long as we understand the real causes of these skin problems, we can adjust our skin by matching it with a reasonable “beauty meal”

Dryness and wrinkle are mostly caused by deficiency of spleen and stomach, drinking, smoking, endocrine disorder, etc

Eat foods rich in vitamin C and vitamin B in diet, such as shepherd’s purse, amaranth, carrot, tomato, sweet potato, honeysuckle and other fresh vegetables, as well as peas, fungus, milk and so on; Eat more animal proteins such as fish and lean meat to ensure the supply of amino acids to supplement the secretion of sebaceous glands; Foods such as dried fruits, potatoes, peach kernels, red dates, hawthorn and honey are also good choices

In addition, don’t eat fried food that is easy to consume water in the body

Skin color spots are caused by excessive salt and animal fat intake

In the diet, you can eat foods rich in vitamins, such as cabbage, leeks, bean sprouts, lean meat, etc., especially beans; Drink more water or green tea properly, which is helpful to lipid metabolism and reduce fat, but control the intake of juice and cola; Reduce salt intake

Eat more fruits, but try not to eat bananas, because they contain too much sugar, which is harmful; Eat seaweed and fungi such as kelp; In addition, do not use sleeping pills and other drugs indiscriminately, because drugs will cause hormone imbalance in the body and freckles on the face

The skin is rough and lusterless, and the reasons are mostly deficiency of Yin blood

In daily life, we should eat more foods that nourish yin and blood, clear away heat and remove fire, such as bamboo shoots, sea cucumber, lean meat, etc

Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as cabbage, rape, tomato, shepherd’s purse, hawthorn, lemon, etc; Edible vegetable oil, such as rapeseed oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, etc

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