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Body shaping, beauty care and anti-aging, 8 kinds of food make you more beautiful

1. Yogurt, lactic acid bacteria care for the intestines and stomach: invigorate the stomach, clear the intestines and promote metabolism little exhortation: a proper amount of yogurt can maintain the health of the gastrointestinal tract every day, which is the basis for beauty to maintain health and skin beauty. If you think that the gastrointestinal tract is only the digestive and excretory system of the human body, you are mistaken

The gastrointestinal tract controls 70% of the lymphoid tissue of the human body, and the lymphoid tissue is the immune system that produces white blood cells to help the human body fight bacteria and viruses. If the immune system is not good, the organs and skin will age. In other words, if the gastrointestinal tract is not good, no matter how many elixirs you take, it will not make you healthy and beautiful! However, nutritionists remind that yogurt is a fermented product of milk, with high protein, which will cause a burden on the kidney. Therefore, it is only necessary to drink 250 ml of yogurt every day. Drinking too much will have negative effects! 2. The efficacy of compound fiber acne killer: reduce the body’s stool, detoxify, lose weight, and treat acne. Little exhortation: eat more vegetables and fruits, and supplement fiber food. One of the major culprits of acne is distressing constipation and stool! To start the battle of clearing constipation and constipation, it is the best secret to supplement more fiber. 1 fiber and yogurt or lactic acid bacteria are complementary partners. Eating more fiber can nourish beneficial bacteria in the intestine

If there are more beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, the toxins can be reduced, and the liver does not have to be busy detoxifying, but has more time to produce nutrients for metabolism

The only way to get fiber is to eat more vegetables and fruits

3. The effect of compound antioxidant youth will not age: anti-aging, protecting the body and skin

Free from eye-based damage small exhortations: self evaluate your lifestyle and take multiple antioxidants to keep years from leaving traces on your face, you need antioxidants! Antioxidant is anti-aging! Almost everyone knows that eating vitamins A, C and E can make your skin beautiful, because vitamins A, C and E are antioxidants, and vegetables and fruits are quite popular anti-aging foods. However, some antioxidants exist in parts we don’t usually eat, such as grape seeds, pine bark, orange peel, orange peel and milk thistle, which are the nutritional components of citrus flavonoids. They may have to be supplemented by lozenges or capsules extracted by biochemical technology, In addition, green tea is also a good anti-cancer and antioxidant food. The supplement of antioxidants is the same as that of vitamins. The free radicals that each antioxidant can combine are different. Therefore, you can eat more vegetables and fruits with antioxidant effects or supplement comprehensive antioxidants with various ingredients according to your physical condition and living habits (whether you often stay up late)! 4. Whitening effect of job’s tears: clearing away heat and dampness, treating skin warts

Only large barley seeds have curative effect. If you want to make your skin white and tender, it’s right to eat more barley seeds! Job’s tears can whiten, lose weight, diuresis and promote metabolism. It is a beautiful food that beauty can’t eat

Some Chinese herbal medicines have the function of clearing away heat, but they have no effect of removing dampness, or they only have the effect of removing dampness without the function of clearing away heat. Job’s tears not only has the function of clearing heat, but also has the effect of removing dampness. Women with cold and hot constitution can eat it

Now the air quality is getting worse and worse, coupled with the heavy work pressure, many girls will grow flat warts on their faces or bodies. Although they are small, they are a thorn in the side of beauty loving women. They must be removed quickly

In addition to flat warts, 600 grams of job’s tears can be soaked in water first, then boiled over high fire, and then boiled over medium heat for half an hour: if you don’t like to eat job’s tears, drinking job’s tears water can also achieve the same effect. After drinking for a few days, you will find that the flat warts on your face or body slowly turn red, and disappear every two days. The effect is very magical! Different varieties of job’s tears have different curative effects. When buying job’s tears, you should choose large white or red job’s tears

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