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The basic way people treat acne is to “kill everything”, and various means emerge in endlessly. But do you know that if you have good eating habits at ordinary times, acne can also be easily eliminated

Acne is a very annoying thing, especially in summer, sweat and dust on the road are very easy to block pores, and the internal fire brought by sultry weather will also make the circulation of the body blocked, so that acne breaks out in a large area on the face

Modern medical research has found that the occurrence of acne is closely related to diet. Therefore, paying attention to diet conditioning is a basic method to prevent and treat acne

Today, we’ll take you to see how to eat anti acne in summer

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, acne is mainly related to endocrinology. Most of them belong to the lung and stomach, where damp and heat are more prevalent. Excessive eating of spicy and irritating, fried and greasy products, or sweet foods can help damp and heat, which will promote the production of acne or make it more serious

It is suggested that in summer, you should arrange three meals a day according to the standard of “no sugar and less oil”, drink less cola, fruit juice, strong coffee, eat less chocolate, candy, cream cake, fried food, and eat less green onions, raw garlic and pepper

This can reduce the intake of sugar, oil and stimulating food

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