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Everyone has different tastes in diet

Experts point out that different dietary tastes determine the state of your skin

For your beautiful skin, women must read this article carefully! Everyone has different tastes in diet

Experts point out that different dietary tastes determine the state of your skin

For your beautiful skin, women must read this article carefully! 3 sins of excessive sweetness: 1. Sugar eating collagen if sugar is taken in too much and cannot be completely digested and metabolized, part of sugar will adhere to the proteins in the dermis and deteriorate the proteins. This process is called “glycosylation”, and collagen, which is responsible for maintaining skin elasticity, will suffer first

2. Eating sugar triggers acne experiments have proved that too much sugar will cause more insulin release, increase male hormones in the body, and increase sebum secretion, which is a potential factor causing adult acne

3. Eating sugar hinders the whitening process in the process of melanin production, tyrosinase will be activated to produce melanin when encountering sugars. Taking in sugars is equivalent to adding “power” to the formation of melanin. Therefore, excessive preference for sweets will certainly hinder the whitening plan

1. It’s not only eating sugar that “sugars” a can of coke contains about 10 teaspoons of sugar, which is enough for a person’s daily needs

In fact, the amount of sugar we consume in a day is far more than that in a can of coke. Moreover, it is not only sugar that can cause “glycosylation”. High fat and high carbohydrate will have similar reactions and increase the burden on the skin

Therefore, if you can’t give up your desserts, you can at least reduce the intake of other “three high” foods and make the “glycosylation reaction” come less and slower

2. It is important to reverse muscle age and supplement. Anti glycosylation has obviously become a compulsory course for “25 +” skin. To reverse the age of skin, the link of “supplement and regeneration” is indispensable

You must supplement your skin with good proteins, such as soybean progesterone, vitamin A and peptides

Glycosylation is usually accompanied by oxidation. Therefore, oxidation resistance can not be ignored for dessert beauty

Learn from Dr Brandt’s regimen: drink green tea, take vitamins C and E, and insist on using effective antioxidant maintenance products every day

Tips how to eat sugar is not only the taste, but also the way food is cooked is very important to maintain the health of the skin. Charcoal baking, caramel baking or high-temperature baking will cause more “glycosylation” of food. It is better to use raw food, boiled water or stewed food to process food

If it is difficult for you to control your desire to eat sweets, you should at least check the sugar content of the food label and eat less “refined” sugars such as sucrose, syrup and honey

Spicy beauty, you should beware of sensitive spicy hot pot and boiled fish, which are popular all over the country. It’s enough to see that everyone likes spicy food now

Indeed, eating chili peppers has become a must for many beautiful women in cities to have dinner and become a new favorite for stress reduction

Many hot women said, “Sichuan girls’ skin is mostly very good. It can be seen that pepper is good for skin

”In fact, in the dry and cold city of Beijing, excessive intake of pepper will cause harm to the skin

If you are addicted to spicy food, sensitivity and dryness may have visited your skin

3 sins of excessive spicy consumption 1. Spicy food causes more sensitivity in China, 36% of the people think they have sensitive skin, but do you know which province has the highest proportion of sensitive skin? Internationally famous skin care experts once conducted a test on sensitive skin in Sichuan and found some facts: the proportion of sensitive skin in Sichuan is higher than that in other parts of China

Experts believe that this has a lot to do with the fact that Sichuan people like to eat pepper, because pepper contains capsaicin, and excessive intake will cause skin sensitivity

2. Eating spicy makes skin drier research from Singapore shows that 26% of workers in spice processing factories feel their skin burning and dry. This is because the pepper or pepper they grind will release capsaicin, which will reduce the moisture content of the cuticle

After applying the slimming product containing pepper ingredients, you can also feel the control of water by capsaicin, which is naturally a good thing to deal with swollen calves, but it is definitely a nightmare for dry skin

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