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poor sleep, dark skin poor sleep, dark skin Cordyceps tortoise: Cordyceps and tortoise stewed together

It has the effects of strengthening the spleen, calming the nerves and whitening the skin. It is a suitable tonic for white-collar women in all seasons

The spleen and stomach are not strong, the anger is very strong, and the face is full of peas and poria cocos. Old turtle: clear heat and detoxify, strengthen the spleen and stomach. If your urine is red and yellow, then drink this soup

Tuckahoe has a heavy taste, so it should be covered by seasoning when cooking, which is also a good way to test cooking skills

Work is too busy, pressure is too high Atlantic ginseng turtle: compared with ginseng, American ginseng is suitable for more people to take tonic supplements because of its mild conduct, and it is suitable for all seasons

The tonic effect of turtle is well known. This soup is especially suitable for white-collar women who are busy and stressed. It can replenish qi and nourish yin, clear fire, remove annoyance and nourish stomach

Irregular menstruation and rough skin red jujube black chicken soup: red jujube has been a good blood tonic since ancient times, and black chicken is more beneficial to Qi and Yin, and has a certain effect on menstrual disorders

If you eat it regularly, it can also improve your beauty

Gastrodia elata pigeon soup for pressure headache: Gastrodia elata is particularly effective for headache, dizziness and numbness of limbs, while pigeons are rich in nutrition and have a smooth taste, so they are favored by female friends who use their brains excessively

Soup making advice: if you want to make a pot of soup at home, you should pay attention to the following

Selection of materials: 1. It is best to select ginseng, angelica, Lycium barbarum, astragalus, yam, Lily and lotus seeds that are recognized by the people as having no side effects

2. You can choose mild soup according to your physical condition

If the body is hot, you can choose Chinese herbal medicines such as mung beans, kelp, winter melon, lotus seeds and so on. If the body is too cold, you should choose ginseng as the soup

Water temperature: when meat is cold, the protein in the outer layer of meat will not solidify immediately, and the protein in the inner and outer layers can be fully dissolved into the soup, so that the soup tastes delicious

Ingredients: 1. Blanch the meat first to remove the residual blood and water in the meat and ensure the correct color of the soup

2. The chicken should be cooked in a whole pot, which can ensure that the meat quality of the chicken after the soup is cooked is delicate and not rough

In addition, don’t put salt too early. Salt will make the moisture in the meat run out quickly, accelerate the solidification of protein, and affect the delicious taste of soup

Heat: 1. The heat should not be too large, and the heat should be subject to the boiling degree of the soup

After the pot is boiled, cook it slowly over a low heat. Generally, it takes about three hours

2. Because ginseng contains a kind of ginsenoside, if it is boiled for too long, it will decompose and lose its nutritional value, so the best time to boil ginseng soup is about 40 minutes

Treatment of cooked meat: no matter how long the soup is cooked, the nutrition of meat cannot be completely dissolved in the soup, so you should eat an appropriate amount of meat after drinking the soup

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