How to remove acne simply? What are the ways to dispel acne?

Skipping breakfast is very harmful to women, but if you eat breakfast but don’t eat breakfast, it will be equally harmful to women. It will not only take away your health, but also your youth and beauty. As long as you adhere to the seven principles, it will not only be healthy, but also help you stay young! 1. People who should drink water before breakfast consume a lot of water and nutrients after a night’s sleep. After getting up, they are in a physiological state of water shortage. If they only eat regular breakfast, it is far from supplementing the physiological water shortage. Therefore, don’t rush to eat breakfast in the morning, but drink 500-800 ml of cold boiled water immediately, which can not only replenish the water lost overnight, but also clean up the intestines. Note: drink water before eating breakfast, but don’t drink too much water. 2 Breakfast calories should not be too much. The amount of breakfast intake will vary according to body type and age. However, it is appropriate to eat 400-500 calories, It accounts for about one fourth of the daily needs, but you can try to supplement more sugars. Common breakfast calories Guide: Chinese breakfast suitable for weight loss — (1) vegetable or meat bun (about 280 calories) + 300 ㏄ (about 110 calories) + 390 calories (2) white steamed bun (about 120 calories) + poached egg (about 120 calories) = 340 calories (3) two small fried buns (about 220 calories) + sweet soybean milk (about 170 calories) =390 kcal (4) fast food truck porridge = 240 ~ 350 kcal other breakfast calories preserved egg lean meat porridge, Guangdong porridge about 320 kcal Shaobing about 280 kcal fried dough sticks about 250 kcal rice balls about 300 kcal miscellaneous grain steamed bread about 280 kcal fruit juice (250 ㏄) about 110 kcal tomato juice (250 ㏄) about 50 kcal Jianyi Coca Cola 1 kcal beverage calorie comparison skimmed milk

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