Is the key to skin easy to use? Five products tell you everything

CPB is a brand that has attracted much attention in recent years. When referring to these three letters, many people will associate them with “Lady brand” and think that the price is very high. However, from packaging to individual products, the quality of skin’s key is also very high. No major mistakes. With Shiseido group’s dedication to this precious brand, the brand image of the brand level has been maintained. not bad

Two or three years ago, when I talked about the key to skin, I could not even understand its English name. CPB or CDP? There is no single item. College students think the price is too high. Later, the deeper the trap of beauticians, the more income they got from work, inventory and used goods.

One of the most popular microblogs, koala bear and eugali leaf, wrote a summary of the CPB makeup line. She would choose CPB if there was only one brand of cosmetics to choose from. For me, if I can only choose one brand for cosmetics and skin care products, I will choose CPB. You think there are many brands, good skin care, no makeup hanging on the door. Good makeup and skin care can’t support the waist. Both of them are excellent. CPB is one of them. (it has been proved that the annual performance of CPB’s cosmetics and skin care products is also half of this performance.) Shiseido group’s professional skin care luxury products have entered the international market, most of which rely on the support of Shiseido and CPB. Previously, the company that acquired revive (revive and Laura Mercier are one company) was sold by the group because the company wanted to focus on the skin care business of Shiseido and CPB. Amanda Seyfried, a global spokeswoman, recently broke up with CPB seven years ago and was replaced by felicity Jones, a British actress. She hopes that keys can bring more good products.

After all, this is the card of love. There is a lot of nonsense. Let’s get back to business.

International practice: Acne with mixed skin, T-zone oil, sometimes dry cheeks, pressure and bad mood has been closed. The eyelids are greasy. In the afternoon, the eyelids are slightly greasy and easy to stick to powder. Singapore lives in the equatorial region all year round, with a hot and humid climate. The feeling of homework is subjective and only for reference.

Start with skin care. The skin key skin pattern is truly divided into the pure basic care of the exotic flower couch + messy targeted care + Crystal Diamond Star trio + rich series. There is no ordinary brand to resist the old lines, repair the lines, moisturize the lines… This is a convention.

(the following prices are the prices on the official website of China)

1. Soft water lotion: 880 yuan / ml, 125ml

CPB’s basic cosmetics are refreshing and moisturizing. This yellow bottle is moisturizing.

The carton of the CPB skin care products I bought was opened and a cloth cover was covered on it (the lower right corner of the figure above is ugly), which makes you think that I paid a high price or bought something. The lotion is a little sticky, and the taste is CPB’s habitual floral fragrance, which is very comfortable on the right. The moisturizing ability is very good, but the absorption is not fast. The feeling is similar to Shengtang red honey dew, but CPB can better maintain humidity.

Don’t like it. It’s not cost-effective. You’d better buy red honeydew.

2. Intensive nutrition cream: 1100 yuan / 50ml

I bought this bottle containing 100 kinds of the best cream. I think that the same group of Baiyou cream is so good. Using CPB cream is more expensive and certainly better. The result is very good.

Of course, the package did not say that, but also sent cute little trays and spoons. Pasted pink, not that kind of thick white oil, it is very moisturizing and safe on the face. Ointment, ice cream texture, can be pushed away on the face. But! Oil slick

When you use the 100 best face cream, you will feel happy when your skin gets up in the morning. In those days when I only used CPB, I woke up every morning expecting changes on my face. But my face hasn’t changed. Whether it’s darkness or darkness

I hid my wallet, cried for a long time, and ran out of it.

3. Jingzhi eye cream concentrated eye cream 1980 yuan / 15ml

After using Jingzhi eye cream, I admit that the reason why CPB basic skin line can not be used as expected is that it is not expensive and advanced enough… CPB crystal diamond series is a very special production line. There are only three products – eye cream, face cream and water essence.

This is the first luxury eye cream I bought. I’m using an old version. The new version is more beautiful, more like diamonds, and the texture effect does not change much.

Mint paste is not hard. It melts well at the fingertips. When I was in Chongqing in winter, after using this eye cream for a few days, many small dry lines disappeared. This is the first time that I think eye cream is really effective______ The original eye cream only feels the moisturizing effect.

You must expect an expensive eye cream that can instantly eliminate puffiness, dark circles and brighten your eyes. It’s impossible. I’m very happy that CPB eye cream makes me see that dry eyeliner is effective! Chapter II, II, II and II

With this massage stick, the weather is cold and cold, and there is an eye cream and a massage. It would be better if it could rotate like lamel!

Eye cream has no shortcomings!!!!

4. Qinshui PIMI essence (water mill essence) repair essence 850 yuan / 170ml

Can the official name make a detour????

Before asking the CPB senior trainer, she suggested me how to collect pores and use water mill essence. This is really not toner, essence is essence! After use in water, pour it on a cotton pad and tap the T-zone and thick pores. The smell of alcohol is strong. I tried to put it on my face, and the smell of alcohol made me unable to open my eyes.

If it is used continuously, the oil secretion of the T-zone is indeed reduced, which is a product that regulates the balance of water and oil. The improvement of pores has not been seen yet. Wet compress is useless for closed mouth acne, but the pungent smell makes me feel that it stimulates acne (presumably psychologically).

As a bottle of essence, this price is quite affordable, only wet compression.

Let’s talk about the composition of CPB.

In the past, bright and glossy face cream were very popular, one for partially oily skin and the other for partially dry skin. Unfortunately, both of them stopped production. Now the whole CPB brand emphasizes dazzling, and the base makeup on the market is a dazzling sign. These options are now available:







Now I only have intermediate samples of crystal diamond powder. 3ml packaging is a mini version of formal and super cute daily necessities. It has been used for more than half a month and has not seen the bottom yet!!!! What a good deal!!!!

5. Basic crystal moisturizing powder 2300 yuan / 27ml

I use O10, international version

According to the official propaganda, this is a crystal diamond paste. It only has a little concealer. It fully agrees that the cream is not thick enough, and the sponge comes out… CPB, I strongly recommend pushing by hand!!!! It can be opened like a face cream on the face to make up quickly. The face cream is thin and can be well beaten.

I only use it when my skin is in good condition. This lady’s Concealer can’t cover her well. Skin is a circuitous way. How to say that wiping your face is your skin, but the butter itself, according to the official propaganda, has a 4D refraction effect and can shine your face. I think the deepest thing is that this face cream does not cover your pores, but has a special luster. It seems that pores are invisible (say I know this is mysterious, and then its luster looks like a black circle with a weakening effect…).

I used CPB to polish and drill holes until I could float powder and make-up in the afternoon. Crystal diamond powder is much better. At the age of six or seven, it was a bit ugly, but it wouldn’t take off. Well, I really believe in its skin nutrition effect. On Weibo, aunt Xu did not say that she had slept with this ointment for the second day. It has not been unloaded for two days. Her skin is in good condition. The definition of my skin nourishing foundation is that my face will not be rough and dark after removing makeup. It has sunk.

I recommend it to my sister who likes natural luster like me. By the way: try all the powders on hand. It is the most suitable CPB powder for me.

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