Shiseido collagen has been eating for so many years. Are you eating it right?

I heard that stars drink collagen as water, but the market is not uniform. Which collagen is the best and which is the pit in line with the trend? Today, we will compare and analyze collagen from the aspects of collagen type, collagen content, molecular weight, raw material source and elastin content.

Japanese FANCL collagen

FANCL is a long-standing Japanese collagen. The composition of FANCL formula was increased from 1000 mg to 3000 mg. It tastes better than before. But even if the content increases to 3000 mg, at least four tablets a day will be enough. The molecular weight of 1000Da is too small to be synthesized. In addition, the new version also adds hyaluronic acid, which has a good comprehensive effect.

Japanese pola collagen

The content is low, and the others are good. After all, the brand is big, but to be effective, you need to drink at least four cups a day!

In addition, the absorption level is liquid > powder, so liquid collagen is the best choice!

It is worth mentioning that this is 1 mg of elastin! Elastin is an important component of elastic fibers, which is the supporting role of collagen! This is a well-known pola, a complete complement of two proteins!

Australian Swiss collagen

The strange ingredient is that there is no collagen in the ingredient! Various scraper stickers can confirm that there is no collagen in the ingredient list! Blood orange and silicon indirectly promote collagen regeneration, while the product itself does not contain collagen!

The taste is sour and astringent. After drinking, you will feel a layer of things stick to your mouth. It tastes strange. It is inconvenient to carry when opening the refrigerator. Although Fan Ye recommended it, the effect was still very poor.

Japan Suntory collagen

The content is relatively moderate, but the molecular weight of 3000 daltons is really large, which will have a great impact on the effective absorption of collagen.

Biological cell collagen in France

This is from romantic France. The raw material is deep-sea cod. It is said that this is the store with the highest collagen content in French cosmetics stores. The molecular weight of 2000Da is also very good, with the highest absorption molecular weight.

Taiwan Vita Kingdom

This product is very safe for raw materials and raw materials. 5000 mg per day requires at least three branches. Its molecular weight is too small for the human body to absorb.

Shiseido collagen

Shiseido is also a very familiar Japanese brand, but the content of 5000 mg is very moderate, and the molecular weight of 1000 daltons is too small, which is easy to synthesize in the absorption process.

ajna Aojing collagen

Ajna Aojing can be regarded as a “miracle witness in three months” product of due diligence. The collagen content can reach 8000 mg. Two collagen tablets a day can completely meet the needs of the human body for a day. There are three types of collagen and type 2 collagen is added. Type 2 contains a large amount of hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin sulfate is very beneficial to human bones and joints. 80 mg elastin can bring elasticity and firmness to the skin.


Collagen is ineffective two days a day. Collagen and elastin are the best choices for high protein products. Pay attention to the molecular weight and source of raw materials. As long as you keep drinking, your skin and body will become beautiful.

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