How about Shiseido’s water seal?

Today, I will explain in detail the Shiseido seal of water . This watermark amino acid water emulsion set has good moisturizing effect and high cost performance. This season, we really need refreshing skin care products to consolidate its beauty and beauty. So the fairy can try. The skin of pigtails is very thick and will not cause irritation, but fairies should first check their skin to prevent allergies.

Appearance evaluation method: direct observation of appearance evaluation result: when you first contact this water emulsion set, your eyes are bright red, with clear and concise words on them, which can immediately attract attention. The toner capacity is 200 ml and the emulsion capacity is 120 ml, which is better in summer. Some fairies will choose fairies with high face value, so the first evaluation of Xiaobian is its appearance.

Open the new watermarked milk clothes and observe the phenomenon after opening. Test results: after opening, it can be clearly found that the toner and lotion have anti overflow protective covers, and even if they are overturned, they will not flow quickly. For the confused fairy with bad hands and feet, this water emulsion set is not fragile, and after such overflow protection, there is no need to worry about waste caused by hand mistakes.

Texture evaluation method: pour the water emulsion on your hand and observe its texture. Evaluation result: Xiao Bian poured the toner on his hand and found that the toner belonged to the water wave state. It will flow around like water, and its texture is clean and transparent, without any impurities. The emulsion is moist, milky white and thick. Many fairies choose skin care products according to their own skin quality. Combined with the current seasonal climate, the refreshing type is undoubtedly the best choice. This water emulsion set has a clear texture and a light feel. Fairy is best for moisturizing.

Evaluation method of absorption effect: observe the face with toner and lotion respectively to feel the absorption effect of skin care products. Skin toner evaluation results: in order to save skin toner, Xiaobian used to use cotton makeup. Small cotton wet compress is applied to the cheeks, forehead and other parts. After gently pressing, the skin is not sticky, but it is very refreshing. As toners, almost all have the effect of moisturizing, but whether the skin is well absorbed is a very obvious difference. When Xiaobian uses this product, he cannot clearly explain whether it has good absorption effect and volatilizes into the air, but its refreshing characteristics are real. After use, the skin has no previous tension.

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