What’s wrong with yellowing skin? How to care for skin

Now many women are troubled by the problem of skin color. We also know that it is important to have a healthy and good complexion, but many women around us often have dark yellow faces. What methods can help women to maintain a healthy complexion in daily life? Let’s go and have a look.

what is the reason for yellow skin?

1. Natural skin type

Sometimes, the problem of skin color is congenital. We all know that because we are yellow people, yellow skin is also our common skin color. But because of the yellowish skin color, it will appear bad. The main reason is that it is easy to have uneven skin color, which makes the face look dirty.

2. Urban pressure is great

Now the pressure of life is gradually increasing. Working overtime and staying up late is also a common occurrence. It is a thing we often face, and sometimes we have to entertain customers to sing karaoke and drink alcohol. These reasons will lead to dark yellow skin. And long-term computer work can easily make my skin yellow and gaunt.

3. Housewife type

It is also a common situation for us to deal with lampblack for a long time. We all know that being a full-time wife at home, we have to make arrangements for three meals a day. Of course, we will deal with lampblack. The accumulation day after day will turn you into a yellow faced woman who is waxy yellow and greasy, making you look a lot older.

4. Exposure to sunlight

Many people have been tanned because they have not realized the harm of ultraviolet rays to human skin. In fact, ultraviolet rays will promote melanin and yellow pigment, and over time, skin will cause spots after calmness.

5. Toxin accumulation in the body

Although the human body has anti-virus function, fatigue, tension or other physiological reasons will lead to metabolic dysfunction and endocrine disorder of the human body, resulting in the waste of the human body staying in the body for a long time.

In this way, the residual waste starts to decay in the intestine, and the bacteria in the colon will constantly decompose the waste and produce toxins. These toxins are reabsorbed by the colon, continuously exude and pollute the internal environment, and then enter different organs of the human body through blood circulation, thus entering the body to cause various diseases, such as memory decline, fatigue, grayness, constipation, hemorrhoids, endocrine disorders, obesity, etc.

6. Insufficient HP

Many people with insufficient Qi and blood often have no blood on their faces and tend to turn yellow. This kind of people usually have weak digestion and absorption capacity. If you want to have a rosy complexion, you must first maintain and regulate your intestines and stomach, and eat more food that is easy to digest and that supplements blood and kidneys.

7. Lack of exercise

Lack of exercise for a long time slows down the circulation and metabolism of the body and skin, resulting in excessive waste gas accumulation in the body.

how to regulate yellowing skin

1. Eat Hawthorn

Experts recommend that you who love beauty and health drink a cup of hawthorn tea every day, because Hawthorn has obvious effects of reducing serum cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, diuresis and sedation. It can strengthen the heart, increase coronary blood flow, expand blood vessels, and make your face ruddy. It can be said that hawthorn is a “good face” food that every woman should eat. In addition to hawthorn, classic female foods such as red dates and figs can also be used as small snacks every day. Because they are all helpful to our good looks.

2. Massage inter line points

Xingjian acupoint is a acupoint on the liver meridian, located on the dorsal side of the foot between the big toe and the second toe. It is a acupoint that stimulates the liver meridian and can help open the liver meridian.

Massaging Xingjian acupoints is very helpful for soothing the liver and regulating qi, and regulating the Qi machine. It is more suitable for people with liver depression, qi stagnation or liver fire. Women with yellowish complexion often massage this acupoint, which helps improve the skin condition. For patients with liver disease, although massage of Xingjian point can not cure liver disease, it can dredge liver meridian, regulate qi and blood, improve liver function, and play a very good role in alleviating the disease.

3. Take a nap and enjoy beauty in the afternoon

For office workers, taking a nap is a luxury. However, more and more studies have found that taking a nap at noon every day is beneficial to health in the near and long term and to maintaining energy in the afternoon. Taking a nap in the afternoon can give our brain and body a double rest, make us look better and have more energy in the day. It should be reminded that if you rest on your desk, turn off the computer to eliminate radiation.

4. Take a bath and look good.

A hot bath can quickly wrap the body with warmth and promote blood circulation throughout the body. If you have a date the next day, take a hot bath before going to bed the night before, and you will find yourself looking especially good the next day.

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