How to improve the problem of yellowing? 7 tips to improve dark yellow and whiten skin

Some people look pale and yellow, and look particularly haggard, which not only affects their personal image, but also leaves a bad impression on others.

So how to improve the yellowing problem? Experts have summarized some skin whitening methods, hoping to achieve a good whitening effect. Let’s follow everyone to understand it! Mung bean and job’s tears facial mask, job’s tears powder, mung bean powder, facial mask bowl, spoon.

Put both coix seed powder and mung bean powder into the facial mask bowl, add proper amount of water, and stir with a spoon to form a paste.

Then wash your face, apply an appropriate amount of facial mask on your face, and avoid eyes and lips.

You can wash your face with warm water in about 20 minutes.

Efficacy: fade the spots on the face, and also remove spots and acne.

Eat more bean products by eating more bean products, you can also whiten your face! For example, soymilk, milk and other foods rich in various vitamins and minerals, because these foods have good beauty and beauty effects, and are holy products for skin whitening.

Yogurt honey whitening evenly smear an appropriate amount of yogurt and honey on the skin, and wash it with clean water in 15 minutes, which can achieve the effect of whitening and moisturizing the skin. This whitening method is especially suitable for winter.

After cleaning your face every day with whitening lotion, choose a lotion with whitening effect to smear on your face, which can not only replenish the moisture required by your skin, but also help regulate the stratum corneum and improve the problem of dark and yellow skin from the inside.

Beer whitening beer has the effect of shrinking pores and whitening. After soaking the medicinal cotton yarn in beer and wringing it out, apply it on your face for half an hour, and wait for the moisture to be sucked out. Then you can repeat this step for skin care, and persist in whitening.

Seize the golden period of skin care before bed. Since skin care at night is several times more than that during the day, girls who want to go to yellow and white may as well try skin care before bed. If you use night cream, your skin can absorb better beauty essence.

Light vinegar water white vinegar has whitening effect, which I believe is also known to many people. When washing your face, add an appropriate amount of vinegar to have whitening effect.

Beauty is a woman’s nature. Every girl wants to have white and tender skin, so she has been looking for efficient whitening methods to solve the problem of dark yellow skin.

At ordinary times, we must adopt correct skin care methods, choose suitable whitening products, focus on light and healthy diet, drink more hot water, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and ensure adequate sleep!

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