How to whiten and remove acne? We should have a look at these

Every woman loves beauty, but many beautiful women are troubled by yellow skin and acne. So what methods can whiten and dispel acne? Today, Xiaobian will share with you the methods of whitening and acne elimination, and teach you some ways to make your own whitening facial mask. Let’s learn more about it!

whitening and acne removing methods

Whether it is whitening or acne removal, if we want healthy skin, we must do a good job of cleaning, especially for beauties who love makeup every day.

principle 1. Deep cleaning head

Oily skin secretes more sebum than most people Therefore, we should choose some products with strong cleaning ability, otherwise, if the skin is not thoroughly cleaned due to a large amount of oil, too much oil glue will accumulate in the pores, leading to pore blockage, acne and gangrene.

For oily skin, it is good to choose soap and facial cleanser. It has strong degreasing power and is easy to wash. It feels very refreshing after washing.

Oily skin is prone to acne, so we should do a good job in oil control, and in addition, we should supplement enough water to achieve water oil balance.

principle 2. Control oil + replenish water to make acne disappear at the start of the journey

The skin that is prone to oil is not only prone to acne and acne, but also usually accompanied by large pores, rough skin powder, dullness and other conditions. These are actually problems derived from the imbalance of skin water and oil.

Oily skin should be controlled, but do not over control oil. Some friends think that all oil control products should be used to deal with oily skin, but they ignore the important moisturizing work of the skin, resulting in the more oil the skin controls. You should know that the skin should be properly controlled on the basis of sufficient moisture. Only in this way can the trouble of glossy face be truly avoided.

principle 3. Balanced Pu Dan diet

It may be a platitude, but this is really important. To prevent and improve acne skin, you should first have a regular life. As the saying goes, it is good to go to bed early and get up early.

Skin whitening also has a great relationship with sleep. If you want to have white skin without acne, you must ensure enough sleep.

Secondly, do more exercise in your spare time to relieve pressure and relax yourself. The important point is to have a balanced diet, eat more vegetables and fruits, and drink more boiled water, which is very helpful to reduce sebum secretion. Once you develop good skin eating habits, you will find that good skin is slowly coming back.

self made whitening facial mask method

1. Cucumber whitening

Clean the cucumber with purified water (50ml) + Cucumber (1 / 2 root) + lemon juice (5ml), peel off the skin, press it into juice with a juicer, and filter the residue to extract the juice. Mix cucumber juice with purified water, add lemon juice at the same time, mix well, and put it into a bottle.

After washing your face in the morning and evening, shake the small bottle containing cucumber skin toner well. Pour out an appropriate amount of cucumber skin toning water on the cotton pad, gently pat it on the face and massage it in circles, so that the cucumber skin toning water can be fully absorbed by the skin, or apply it on the face with a cotton pad dipped with cucumber skin toning water for 10 minutes. Seal with glassware and put it in the refrigerator for cold storage. It can be used up within 30 days.

2. Aloe Moisturizing

Aloe Vera (50g) + purified water (100ml) wash aloe vera, peel and remove thorns, put it into a juicer, and put its juice into a glassware. Dilute the aloe juice with water in a glassware and then put it into a spray bottle. Wash the face and spray Aloe Lotion on the face. Seal and put it in the refrigerator for cold storage. It can be used up within 14 days.

3. Whitening and acne removing

Soybean milk (150ml) + egg (1) separate the yolk and egg white. Add soymilk and egg white to mix evenly, pour soymilk juice into the bathtub, and adjust the water temperature to about 40 degrees. Clean the body, soak for 20 minutes, and then wash the body with clean water.

4. Carrot Bath

Carrot (100g) + milk (200ml) peel the carrot, squeeze the juice and mix the milk evenly, pour it into the bathtub filled with water, stir it evenly, wash the body and soak it for 20 minutes.

5. Cucumber acne removal

Cucumber (300g) + rice wine (20ml) wash and cut the cucumber into strips, press the cucumber strips into juice, mix with rice wine evenly, add warm water to the bathtub, adjust the temperature to about 40 degrees, add cucumber, mix well, soak in water for 30 minutes, and then wash.

6. Aloe Vera Bath

Aloe leaves (20g) + oolong tea leaves wash the aloe leaves, remove the thorns, cut them into thin strips, put the oolong tea leaves into cotton bags, and boil them with water for 20 minutes. Pour the medicine soup into the bathtub, stir evenly with water, and soak in water for 15 minutes.

7. Yogurt Bath

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