How much does laser whitening cost

How much does laser whitening cost? Fair skin is what every beauty lover wants, because whitening skin can add many points to beauty, but many people choose laser whitening because their skin is prone to dullness. How much does laser whitening cost?

1. How much does laser skin whitening cost?

How much does laser whitening cost? The price of laser whitening surgery is different. The price of laser whitening surgery depends on the individual skin condition of beauty lovers, the scheme of laser whitening surgery, the level of the hospital where the laser whitening surgery is performed, and the technical level of doctors. Because the equipment of each hospital is different, and the technical level of doctors is also different, the price of laser whitening surgery will be affected.

2. Laser whitening principle

How does laser whitening achieve white skin? It stimulates the acupoints on the face and accelerates the blood circulation and metabolism of the skin by irradiating the acupoints on the face and the skin, so as to remove those senescent and atrophic tissue cells in the deep skin, enhance the vitality of the face skin, repair the cells and tissues inside the skin to a certain extent, improve a series of problems such as dark pigment, loose and sagging skin, large pores, dark skin, restore the elasticity of the skin Delay skin aging, achieve the effect of beauty, whitening and ruddy.

3. Application scope of laser whitening

What kind of skin can do laser whitening? If there are freckles, age spots, telangiectasia, dark and yellow skin, obvious wrinkle relaxation and aging, etc., you can use laser whitening. In addition, whitening teeth is also possible. Laser whitening does not require hospitalization, there is no bleeding during the operation, the wound is mild, and there is no wound left. The side effects of laser whitening are almost very small. Follow up care of laser whitening must be paid attention to.

precautions after laser whitening and rejuvenation

The regeneration of the epidermis occurs immediately within 24 hours after treatment, and the process and precautions of skin repair. Temporary bronzing — depending on the degree of treatment, the skin will show temporary skin tone deepening for 3-14 days.

Strengthening sunscreen can accelerate the improvement. Temporary desquamation — aging and necrotic tissues will naturally fall off and replace with new healthy skin. Peeling is like the reaction after exposure to the sun, but there is no pain.

Strengthening the use of moisturizing products can improve the peeling phenomenon. Sunscreen – from the beginning of treatment to the next 6 months, you must use sunscreen at least twice a day to protect your skin from the sun.

Please choose moisturizing sunscreen with SPF of at least 30 and wide brimmed hat to enhance the protective effect. Effect maintenance – flying shuttle laser treatment cannot completely stop the aging process. If we want to maintain the treatment results, we must maintain good living habits, reduce stress and avoid sun exposure.

advantages of laser skin rejuvenation

Laser beauty can keep skin youthful forever. Women have dark yellow complexion and other symptoms due to the dual pressure of work and life. In fact, women will have dark yellow complexion due to staying up late, anemia or other factors. Therefore, we must have good living habits in life, so as to maintain youth forever.

Laser, pulse light, led skin beautifier, laser rejuvenation and so on are often used for dark complexion treatment. Laser rejuvenation uses a specific broad-spectrum color light, which directly reflects on the surface of the skin and can penetrate into the deep layer of the skin. Laser rejuvenation selectively acts on the subcutaneous pigment or blood tube, decomposes color spots, closes abnormal red blood filaments, and eliminates various defects on the skin.

Laser rejuvenation acts on skin tissue to produce photothermal and photochemical effects, promote the regeneration and rearrangement of collagen fibers and elastic fibers, restore the elasticity of facial skin, eliminate wrinkles or reduce the shrinkage of pores in laser rejuvenation. Thereby playing the role of anti-aging and rejuvenating the skin.

It is selectively absorbed by pigment groups in tissues and hemoglobin in blood vessels. On the premise of not destroying normal tissue cells, laser skin rejuvenation and whitening destroys and decomposes dilated blood vessels, pigment masses and pigment cells, so as to achieve the effect of laser skin rejuvenation, spot whitening and red blood filament removal.

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