What are the functions of the black faced doll? It makes the skin white and beautiful

Through the operation of the black faced doll, many facial problems can be improved, and at the same time, the facial skin can become whiter immediately. Therefore, many people will choose black faced dolls. What are the functions of the black faced doll? The following Xiaobian will give you a specific introduction.

What are the functions of black faced dolls

1. Remove wrinkles and tighten skin

The super nano carbon powder specially configured for the treatment of blackface doll can penetrate deeply into the patient’s skin. After the action of laser, the patient can increase the collagen activity under the ground in a multi-layered and three-dimensional manner, and promote the rearrangement of subcutaneous collagen fibers and elastic fibers, so as to effectively remove the fine lines and expression lines on the face, and play the role of tightening and pulling the contour of the face.

2. Whitening and beautifying skin

The black face doll treatment instrument has a 300US pulse width 1064nm laser with a 1064nm patented technology, which has stronger penetration. It uses the thermal energy and light energy generated by the blasting of naphthalene rice carbon powder to remove the melanin in the deep layer of the skin and stimulate small blood vessels to release growth factors, which can effectively promote the regeneration of collagen in the skin and make the skin white, beautiful and shiny.

3. Anti aging rejuvenation

The beauty treatment of the black faced doll can make the dermal tissue absorb a large amount of 1320nm wavelength laser to stimulate the fibroblasts of the dermis, promote the growth of new collagen, reshape the dermal tissue, effectively treat acne and acne scars on the face, effectively narrow the large pores of the skin, and make the skin more delicate and smooth.

What’s the effect of blackface doll

Black face doll is a high-tech beauty method that can remove acne, make skin transparent and smooth, and reduce pores. The black faced doll can whiten and beautify the skin, fade spots, remove yellow and black, and improve the skin color. Further combining with advanced laser technology, high thermal energy is generated and transmitted to the dermis, which fully stimulates the renewal and vitality of skin cells, stimulates the repair of collagen fibers and elastic fibers, and initiates the orderly deposition and arrangement of new collagen by utilizing the natural repair function of the body.

What are the precautions for black faced doll after operation

1. What should black faced doll pay attention to after operation? After treatment, the black faced doll will have short-term reactions such as redness, swelling and heat. To quickly absorb heat, cool down and replenish water, experts recommend using life living hydrogel, which mainly contains vitamin B5, aloe, lavender and other ingredients. It can quickly absorb heat, reduce temperature, replenish water, inhibit bacteria, and promote epidermal growth and metabolism.

2. After treatment, it is necessary to avoid direct exposure of ultraviolet rays from the sun and strengthen sunscreen. It is recommended to use sunscreen with spf30-50 or above. Please rub it on every 2-3 hours when you go out. It is excellent that you can hold an umbrella and wear a hat to do a good job in physical sunscreen.

3. Within one week after treatment, do not use maintenance products containing fruit acid, a acid, salicylic acid, exfoliation, high concentration of vitamin C, alcohol and other irritating ingredients.

4. The skin is fragile after operation, so pay attention to protection and don’t massage or rub hard.

Xiaobian’s conclusion: through this article, we know a lot of the functions of black faced dolls. I believe that many MM who don’t have fair skin see hope. Using black faced dolls will make their skin white and beautiful. Xiaobian has also listed any precautions after using black faced dolls. Please collect them quickly.

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