What is the reason for his dark yellow complexion

What is the reason for the dark yellow complexion? Many women will have such questions. It is caused by malnutrition. In fact, women’s bodies still need to be well nourished. After all, women have an aunt period every month. Therefore, daily nourishing is really important. OK, let’s learn about it with Xiaobian.

1. Drinking water is the most beautiful

Research has found that modern people generally have the problem of excessive caffeine intake, especially white-collar workers. During the day, people drink coffee, tea, cola and sports drinks, all of which contain more or less caffeine, but they drink less white water. Excessive caffeine intake can lead to anxiety, rapid heartbeat, insomnia and other problems, and indirectly affect women’s good looks.

Note: excessive caffeine intake makes people more prone to insomnia, poor sleep, and face color difference. It is suggested that drinking boiled water, eating fruits and porridge can be used to reduce caffeine intake.

2. Drinking yellow rice wine improves skin tone

A bad face is sometimes caused by a dull lip color. TCM has found that many women around 30 years old have spleen deficiency. The most obvious symptom is that their lips are white and have no color. I can’t see my makeup on weekdays. After I remove my makeup, I find that my lips have long been just a paint pad for lipstick. To have a beautiful face, start with a rosy lip color. For a natural and rosy lip color, you need to pay attention to tonifying the spleen.

Note: in addition to eating more yam and other spleen tonic foods, experts suggest that you can drink a little yellow rice wine to accompany your meal in cold weather. This is also the most traditional spleen tonic prescription, which is helpful for improving skin color. In addition, shredded ginger and preserved plum can be added to the warm wine to enrich the taste. But it needs to be reminded that it is good to drink one cup every day, and don’t overdo it.

3. Drink a cup of hawthorn tea every day

When it comes to afternoon tea, many people will think of Western tea: tiramisu made of soft cheese or a cup of cappuccino with rich milk bubbles. Although the taste of these foods is attractive, they are high in calories, single in nutrients, and excessive fat will make the skin color uneven. Experts recommend that women who love beauty and health drink a cup of hawthorn tea every day, because Hawthorn has obvious effects of reducing serum cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, diuresis and sedation. It can strengthen the heart, increase coronary blood flow, expand blood vessels, and make your face ruddy. It can be said that hawthorn is a “good face” food that every woman should eat.

Note: in addition to hawthorn, red dates, figs and other classic female foods can also be used as small snacks every day. Because they are all helpful to women’s good looks.

4. Eat more beauty vegetables

The latest research in the United States found that broccoli, cabbage and other vegetables are not only a good source of crude fiber, but also take away excess water in the body during digestion to prevent edema. Tip: if you don’t want to wake up the next morning with swollen eyelids, you can eat these vegetables properly at dinner. Cauliflower, lettuce and winter melon also have the same effect. Friends who are easy to get gloomy can eat more of these vegetables appropriately.

5. Detoxify every day

The food we eat every day will have some wastes and toxins to be discharged after digestion. Whether these toxins are discharged in time is very important for our complexion. After entering the human body, food is first digested in the stomach and then absorbed by the small intestine. If constipation occurs, toxins staying in the small intestine will flow through the body through the blood, making the skin yellow and rough, and affecting our good face. A cup of warm boiled water every morning can help wake up the sleeping intestine and make our day light.

Note: insufficient dietary fiber intake is a major cause of constipation. If you can’t guarantee that you eat seven kinds of fruits and vegetables every day, supplementing them with vegetable juice is also a good way to have a good face.

conclusion: we still need to try the above foods. After all, skin whitening is what we all desire. Therefore, in our daily life, we should pay more attention to maintenance. If we can’t adhere to the above points, it is also very effective to choose one of them for a long time.

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