Will the seven culprits make my skin black? Seven culprits will make your skin black

When you see other people’s white faces, are you jealous? It is every girl’s dream to have white and tender skin like snow. Don’t lament the unfair fate. Learn some skin care and whitening knowledge quickly!

Seven culprits that make your skin black

1. Food causes skin darkening

If you eat inappropriate food in life, be careful that your skin will get darker and darker!

Foods rich in copper, iron, zinc and other metal elements can directly or indirectly increase the amount and activity of tyrosine, tyrosinase, dopaquinone and other substances related to melanin production, so they often become the bane of skin darkening. This kind of food mainly includes animal liver, animal kidney, oyster, shrimp, crab, beans, walnuts, black sesame, raisins, etc.

Secondly, healthy human body fluids are weakly alkaline. If too much acidic substances are ingested at ordinary times, it will bring various discomfort to the human body and promote the formation of skin pigment spots. Carrots, spinach, purple turnip, purple cabbage, mushrooms, black fungus, etc. these vegetables make it easier for people who love to grow spots to grow color spots.

2. Ultraviolet rays promote melanin

Everyone should be familiar with the term melanin. The excessive production of melanin in the skin is a major killer of skin whitening, and the biggest reason for the large production of melanin is ultraviolet rays.

If people with fair skin do not pay attention to sunscreen, they will form melanin if they expose their skin to ultraviolet rays for a long time, which may cause dullness and color spots after precipitation, and make their skin not white.

Therefore, we must do a good job in sunscreen in our daily life. Whether it is cloudy or sunny, we should apply sunscreen to our skin to prevent the formation of melanin.

3. Skin moisture deficiency

Computer radiation, air conditioning and skin aging in daily life will all cause dryness of the skin, resulting in a decline in skin quality, which will lead to dark skin.

Skin whitening and moisturizing have always been closely linked, and only moist skin can present a whiter luster. However, the skin with insufficient water has poor metabolic capacity, which reduces the skin repair function and causes dark skin.

4. Disordered work and rest

Irregular living habits are not only bad for your health, but also make your skin black!

During sleep at night, the skin is in the best repair state. Only by ensuring good sleep can the skin metabolism be smoother and the skin be whiter. Poor rest and lack of sleep not only affect health, but also slow the blood flow of the skin, constrict blood vessels, form blood stasis spots, and turn the skin grey and black.

Lack of sleep will affect the water locking function of the skin and make the skin seriously lack of water. At the same time, because the supply of oxygen can not be guaranteed, the skin will have poor nutrients, resulting in local pigment accumulation, drying and blackening.

5. I love to take a bath

Some people like to rub their skin when they take a bath, thinking that they can wash more cleanly. However, excessive force or repeated rubbing will lead to skin darkening, which is the so-called “friction blackness”.

The relationship between skin darkening and improper bathing has been confirmed by relevant experts, which is mainly caused by mechanical stimulation such as strong friction and pressure on local skin. It mostly occurs in people who rub hard with bath towels or chemical fiber bath towels, mainly showing light brown to dark brown pigmentation.

6. Skin cuticle aging

There is a layer of cutin on our skin, which is like a double-edged sword. It is not only a protective film to help our skin protect against external damage, but also a dark and dull complexion due to aging or residue on our skin.

Because modern people are exposed to ultraviolet rays and the radiation of computer screens for a long time, coupled with the pollution of the external environment, the aging of the stratum corneum is accelerated, resulting in dark skin and rough skin.

Therefore, we must do a good job in isolation and sunscreen at ordinary times, and at the same time, we should supplement the skin with antioxidant ingredients and eat more foods rich in vitamins, so as to prevent the excessive aging of horniness.

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