These are the problems that make my skin black

How to maintain your skin is everyone’s concern. Many girls don’t know why their skin won’t be white. In fact, these skin care habits are not conducive to maintaining your skin. The reason why the skin is not white enough is due to genetic reasons that cannot be avoided. Other conditions such as dark yellow and dark skin can be whitened through postnatal efforts, including congenital skin that is not white enough! Well, first of all, what we need to know is why our skin is not fair enough, and then we can carry out targeted whitening rescue. Xiaobian has done some sorting, hoping to help all beautiful women who love beauty!

1. No sunscreen measures are taken.

First of all, sunscreen is not only a protective measure for traveling. As long as you go out, you need to take sunscreen measures, and you need to take sunscreen measures all year round, regardless of the season, because the ultraviolet rays of the sun will not disappear because of the weather and climate, except at night, which is another matter!

Of course, it is not enough just to do sunscreen. At the same time, it is also necessary to fully hydrate the skin, so that the face can better absorb sunscreen and skincare products to achieve the effect of sunscreen, and avoid skin dryness and spots due to lack of water.

2. Greedily use whitening products with high whitening value

When buying whitening products, many beauties will have a misunderstanding, that is, the higher the whitening value, the better the whitening effect. In fact, this is not the case. A good whitening product will not only consider the whitening concentration of the product, but also the moisturizing effect of the product. It will seek a concentration value with a suitable whitening concentration that can complement other ingredients of the product.

In addition, you girls must not be greedy for small bargains to buy those so-called affordable whitening products with beautiful prices and cheap goods. Most of these products do not have whitening ingredients or have very few whitening ingredients. The use of this product is actually the same as the use of it. What’s more, it will cause skin sensitivity.

3. No regular exfoliation

The cleaning of cutin is a work that can not be ignored in the whitening of beauties, because in the process of constantly making up and removing makeup, the facial skin will become slightly rough. At this time, it is necessary to clean up those impurities that are difficult to remove by exfoliating. Especially for housewives who have been facing kitchen lampblack for a long time, exfoliation is the most important step of whitening.

4. Excessive use of whitening products on the skin at night

Night is the time of melanin precipitation. At this time, it is necessary to nourish the skin with whitening products, but pay attention to the amount of products used. You must not paint too thick, nor catch fish for three days and dry the net for two days. It is a dream to have fair skin in this way!

5. Cosmetics containing hormones and heavy metals are prohibited.

When buying cosmetics, in addition to considering the actual skin effect of cosmetics, attention should also be paid not to use products containing hormones, heavy metals and fluorescent whitening agents, otherwise the skin will be affected.

6. Exercise less

In addition to relying on the action of external substances, exercise is a method to affect the skin through internal mechanisms. Because it can promote skin perspiration and blood circulation during exercise, it can make skin more healthy and shiny!

7. Eat more greasy food

Whitening also has some whitening foods that can be eaten, such as cucumber, radish, mushroom, bird’s nest, etc. healthy diet also affects the skin through internal mechanisms, so learn to refuse unhealthy diet.

conclusion: skin care can’t be sloppy, especially when the weather is getting hotter and hotter. You must pay more attention to healthy skin care. Exercise can promote perspiration. Housewives may as well do more exercise to promote blood circulation. In addition, they should pay attention to applying isolation cream and reapplying it every three hours, so as to make their skin white. The above is about some finishing of skin whitening. Besides facial mask, there are so many ways. Try it quickly!

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