People who live long have 9 characteristics! I’m lucky to win three

When we go home to visit our elders during the Spring Festival, our wishes are basically longevity and evergreen pines and cranes. Of course, we also hope to live a long life. Foreign studies have pointed out that people who live long have nine characteristics. Let’s fight for more!

characteristics of longevity 1: less calories in diet

If a person’s daily caloric intake is limited to 1400-2000 kcal, the heart function can be in the same state as that of people who are more than ten years younger.

feature 2 of longevity: sufficient dimension d

The content of vitamin D in every milliliter of blood should be kept above 30 micrograms, because vitamin D can effectively reduce osteoporosis, strengthen the body’s resistance, and effectively reduce the probability of cancer and heart disease.

Longevity feature 3: like running

A study in the United States has tracked non runners and runners for 21 years. The results show that if a person runs for 40 minutes every day, he will live longer.

features of longevity 4: keep up with fashion and keep pace with the times

Advanced technology can not only help the elderly to stay active intellectually, but also enhance their social ability and change their mentality. Many centenarians have a good ability to receive and adapt to new things. For example, they will contact their old friends and make new friends by sending emails.

characteristics of longevity 5: self feeling young

One study was conducted on 500 elderly people over 70 years old. Many of them felt younger than their actual age, and some differences were as high as ten years. The psychology professor said that feeling young will enhance the confidence to overcome difficulties, which can relieve the pressure of life to a certain extent, and also enhance a person’s immunity, thus preventing the emergence of some diseases.

characteristics of longevity 6: cheerful personality

This kind of person has a lower probability of Alzheimer’s than other people, because the body itself is not vulnerable to external pressure. Therefore, we can meditate more in our daily life, and we should also develop the good habit of taking a nap.

features of longevity 7: slow heart rate

Most people have a heart rate of 60-100 beats per minute when they are still, and the less the heart rate, the healthier the body will be. If the heart beats slowly, it means that the heart does not need to work too hard to complete its work normally.

features of longevity 8: no snoring

People who sleep without snoring will live longer.

features of longevity 9: female menopause is later than 52 years old

The natural postponement of female menopause generally means an increase in life expectancy.

The above is the introduction of the 9 characteristics of long-lived people. The more advanced it is, the easier it is to do it. Take your initiative! I hope all readers of this article will live a long life.

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