Anger has made these eight organs undergo amazing changes

Now people often say, “if you don’t die, you won’t die.” this sentence is really correct. Really, in fact, many diseases are made by oneself. Most diseases are related to anger. If you are not angry, you will not get sick.

How high is the incidence rate of diseases caused by anger? A study by the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta found that 90% of diseases are related to emotions. Therefore, this is also what the old people often say, “illness is born of the heart”. If you don’t get angry, you won’t get sick. If you don’t get sick, you won’t die.

there are so many examples of anger

“The most famous irritating event in history is the story of Zhuge Liang’s three Qi Zhou Yu. Zhou Yu was angry for the first time because Liu Bei captured the three cities without effort. The second time he was angry because his plan failed, he lost his wife and broke his army. The third time he was angry because he wanted to attack Liu Bei secretly, but he didn’t expect to be trapped again. Zhou Yu was angry and eventually died. When he died, he sighed,” he Shengliang, who gave birth to Yu. ” Then he cried several times and died at the age of 36.

Some historians said that Zhou Yu was not angry with Zhuge Liang, but suffered a sudden heart attack. However, Zhou Yu’s death shows that anger has a great impact on individual health and even life. This has also been verified in modern medical science. Psychology and physiology are twin brothers born from the same root. Anger not only brings strong physiological changes, but also produces hormones that are more complex and toxic than any emotion.

if you can’t swallow that breath , you will get sick

One thing we often encounter in our life makes you especially angry, that is, we can’t swallow that breath! But if you can’t swallow this breath, you will get sick!

Hao Wanshan, a professor at Beijing University of traditional Chinese medicine, described a typical case of illness caused by anger during his many years of practicing medicine:

A few decades ago, a junior high school girl who had just turned 14 years old was smart, hardworking, excellent in performance and extremely strong. Only because she was not included in the list of the first group of students in her grade, it was very difficult to swallow when eating. Before the food was swallowed in the stomach, it flowed back. Later, it developed into pain behind the sternum and was unbearable. Achalasia was diagnosed by the hospital.

Unexpectedly, 30 years later, the 44 year old lady got angry because of family matters, and her illness relapsed, so she came to me. I said that this disease was caused by the spasm of the sphincter in the lower part of the esophagus and the inability to relax after she was born into the atmosphere. The esophagus is a muscular channel connecting the pharynx and the stomach. When a person is angry or other negative emotions are too extreme, it will lead to the dysfunction of neural regulation. Therefore, when the sphincter of the lower part of the esophagus enters the diet, it will not open because of spasm, and the swallowing of food will be blocked. Therefore, it is called achalasia of the cardia and called “choking burp” in Chinese medicine.

She asked me if I could get rid of the root, and I asked her, “don’t you know what is the root of your disease? The first attack is because of anger, and the second attack is because of anger. This is the root of the disease! Whether you can get rid of this root depends on whether you can stop being angry and control your negative emotions in the future!”

changes in 8 major organs of the body after anger

1. Cardiac blood flow doubled

Research has found that when angry, the blood flow of the heart doubles as usual! When angry, the contractile force of the heart is strengthened, the heartbeat is accelerated, a large amount of blood flows to the heart, and the heart needs to double its work. At this time, irregular heart rate, myocardial ischemia, chest tightness, palpitation and even angina pectoris and myocardial infarction will occur.

2. The liver is a circle larger than usual

When angry, the first thing to hurt is the liver! The so-called “Qi hurts the liver”, if you are often angry, you will have liver disease and even cirrhosis. Some studies also show that when angry, the liver is bigger than usual. In the view of traditional Chinese medicine, “anger hurts the liver”, which leads to stagnation of liver qi and disharmony between liver and gallbladder. Many people will have “pain in both ribs and liver area” after finishing Qi.

Xiaobian will tell you a real example. The couple next door to Xiaobian’s house are not very good tempered. Uncle Wang is in his 40s. Once he loses his temper, he never stops. Aunt Wang is not willing to be outdone. When they quarrel, Mars collides with the earth, and the next door neighbor can hear it. As a result, when Xiaobian was living next to Uncle Wang and Aunt Wang for the 8th year, Uncle Wang was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer. Later, he died less than a year later, in his early 50s. It can be seen that “Qi hurts the liver”!

3. Immune system strikes for 6 hours

Anger can also damage the immune system? Yes, people’s emotions are controlled by dopamine secreted by the brain. As a hormone, dopamine affects the secretion of many other hormones in the body. When we are angry, the brain will command the body to secrete a kind of cortical hormone. If this hormone accumulates too much in the body, it will hinder the operation of immune cells and reduce the body’s resistance. So it’s no exaggeration to be angry once and the immune system will strike for 6 hours.

4. When angry, the alveoli expand continuously.

Many people have lung pain when they are most angry, because anger can really hurt their lungs. When people are emotionally impulsive, their breathing will become rapid, and even excessive ventilation will occur. At this time, the alveoli will keep expanding and there is no time to contract, so many people’s lungs will ache. This is also why people often say “my lungs are going to explode” when they are angry.

Therefore, the saying that many people often say “heartache can’t breathe” is not really the heart, but “lung pain can’t breathe”.

5. Gastrointestinal dysfunction when angry

When you get angry, your stomach gets angry too! This is because the blood flow in the stomach is reduced, the blood supply is insufficient, and the gastrointestinal peristalsis is difficult, which leads to gastrointestinal “slack work”. Anger can also cause sympathetic excitement, reduce gastrointestinal blood flow, slow down peristalsis, loss of appetite, gastrointestinal dysfunction, gastric ulcer, etc.

6. Breast lump after anger

Many women will have lumps in their breasts after they are angry, which is caused by liver depression and phlegm condensation caused by internal emotional injury, and is also closely related to anger. In addition, Qi and blood stasis and liver and spleen imbalance caused by Qi are also important reasons for the occurrence of breast masses.

7. Thyroid changes when angry hyperthyroidism

When angry, the endocrine system will be disturbed and the thyroid gland will secrete too many hormones. The thyroid gland is an important organ in the body that participates in metabolism. When you feel the blood boiling, the thyroid gland is stimulated, and hyperthyroidism will be triggered over a long period of time.

8. Once angry, the skin will grow color spots

Medical researchers in the United States studied 5000 women with color spots on their faces. They found that when they were in a low mood, the treatment of color spots with any drug seemed unsatisfactory. When the interpersonal relationship of some women improved, their color spots could heal without treatment.

Medical personnel analyzed that when a person is angry, a large amount of blood rushes to his face. At this time, there is less oxygen and more toxins in the blood. The toxin will stimulate hair follicles and cause skin problems such as deep inflammation around hair follicles of varying degrees.

Finally, the expert reminds us that if we can not be angry, we should not be angry. We should be more open-minded. All big things can be solved in the end. Being angry is useless and will hurt others and ourselves. Or by diverting attention, let your temper pass before you deal with the problem.

However, people are not saints and sages, and no one has a temper. If you really can’t help being angry today, you can eat more of these foods that soothe the liver, regulate qi, and soothe Qi and depression to alleviate the damage caused by anger!

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