16 small things bring amazing changes

healthy diet

Water tastes better if it is left to dry for a day. Disinfection and sterilization with chlorine is a common practice of many water supply companies. Jennifer Haines, an emergency doctor in the United States, believes that many people do not like to drink boiled water, probably because of the smell of chlorine in the water. She suggested that you might as well put the boiled water in a large glass of water for a whole day, so that the chlorine will volatilize and the water will become very sweet, which can ensure that you can drink more water.

I prepared breakfast the night before. A survey of nearly 8000 people initiated by life times shows that 30% of the respondents who do not eat breakfast are “in a hurry to work and have no time”. Caroline Kaufman, director of the US “sweet food” website, suggested that breakfast could be prepared the night before. “I usually prepare a bowl of oats, add milk or yogurt, sprinkle a little cinnamon, strawberries, cherries and other fresh fruits, and put them in the refrigerator. The next morning, I can calmly enjoy a breakfast rich in dietary fiber, protein and antioxidants.”

Prepare a healthy snack bag. Emily Sanford, who has successfully reduced her weight from 200kg to the standard weight, pointed out when summing up her experience in weight loss: “you can eat snacks properly, but you must have your own healthy snack bag. For example, I will put some salt free almonds in the bag, and you can eat a few when you are hungry. You must never eat other people’s snacks, so as to avoid eating too many calories.”

Sort out the shopping cart before checkout. There are many kinds of food in supermarkets, and cooked food often has attractive aroma. Therefore, many people will unconsciously put cooked food, snacks, sweet drinks and so on into the shopping cart when shopping in the supermarket. Sanford said: “before I check out, I will look at the shopping cart and put things that are not on the shopping list back on the shelf.”

Eat less carbohydrates before flying. Dr. Hans, a health blogger, said: “eating processed carbohydrates, such as bread and noodles, before flying will make people lack of water and is not conducive to health. It is better for ‘flying people’ to eat more fruits and vegetables before flying.”

exercise physiology

There are a pair of sneakers in front of my house. Many people get stuck in the sofa when they get home and forget to go out for exercise. Lisa Kane, an American evolutionary biologist, said: “when I go out in the morning, I put my sneakers at the door, so that when I get home from work, my shoes will remind me that I should go out for a run.” Similarly, we can also put dumbbells, yoga mats, chest expanders and other sports equipment in a prominent position at home, which can always remind us to exercise. Health blogger Angela lidon said: “I always put my yoga mat in front of the TV so that I can do yoga, sit ups or push ups while watching TV.”

Sit with your legs slightly apart. Dr. Bojin said: “clinically, 99% of patients with hip and knee pain are women. This is because women are usually taught to sit with their legs together in order to remain reserved and elegant. According to human mechanics, such a sitting posture will lead to the iliotibial band (a deep fascia around the thigh, which is the longest tendon in the human body) Excessive tension causes pain in the hip and knee joints. Therefore, when a woman sits down, she’d better separate her legs slightly to ease the tension of her tendons. “

Stand on one leg while brushing your teeth. Barbara Bojin, an American plastic surgeon, suggested: “when brushing your teeth in the morning and evening, you might as well practice standing on one leg, that is, standing on one leg alone for 1 minute, and then changing the other leg. This simple little move can improve your balance ability and help bone health.” Seth Robos, an honorary professor of UC Berkeley and professor of Psychology Department of Tsinghua University, told the life times that he would practice standing on one leg before going to bed, so that he could sleep better at night and prevent anxiety, depression, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other diseases caused by sleep problems.

Stand and answer the phone. According to a data from the lancet, an authoritative medical magazine, 1 / 3 of the world’s adults are “lazy to be active”, resulting in about 5 million deaths every year. A survey by life times found that 80% of domestic respondents admitted that they did not exercise enough. Carla bernberg, an American fitness expert, said: “I need to keep a sense of exercise at all times. For example, when I answer a phone call, I will stand up and walk around. Everyone can take advantage of every opportunity to increase the amount of exercise.”

My friends supervise each other in sports. Everyone is lazy sometimes, such as “I’m too tired from work today, let’s exercise tomorrow”. But as long as we make such a start, there will be more and more excuses in the future, and the sports plan will be completely “aborted”. Bernberg said that it is better to do a few push ups or take a walk around than not to exercise. It is very important to maintain the habit of exercise. You can supervise each other with your friends. For example, you can regularly report your daily exercise results in the Weibo and wechat circle of friends, which helps you to keep exercising.

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