How to advance the split skateboard

1. How to advance the split skateboard

According to the degree of their ability to grasp the center of gravity, they can be divided into swinging feet and straight sliding, and swinging feet and straight sliding. Swing your feet to slide in a straight line: stand on the board to relax and keep your center of gravity balanced. Swing your feet back and forth, with a sense of rhythm. Swing your feet back and forth like a small fish swinging its tail in the water, and keep your knees swinging consistently. Back foot swinging and straight sliding: relax the body, swing the back foot while maintaining the balance of the center of gravity. When the back foot swings back and forth, press the pedal moderately, and keep the movement of back and forth swinging consistent.

2. Safety equipment for skateboarding

2.1 helmet: a high-quality helmet is your most important safety device. We are sure that if you don’t wear a helmet when riding a scooter, scratches and sprains can recover quickly, but head injuries will greatly affect your future life.

2.2. Shoe protection: it must be pointed out that shoes must be wear-resistant and durable, and all parts must not be uncomfortable. Most sports shoes are very suitable for scooter sports, and sandals and high-heeled shoes are the least suitable for scooter sports.

2.3. Knee pads: the most meaningful invention for knee pads is the invention of plastic knee pads. In addition, there are many knee pads with good effects. Wearing any knee pad is better than not wearing any knee pads.

2.4 gloves: there are many shapes and sizes of scooter gloves. In the United States and Japan, some people use motorcycle gloves but scooter gloves, and some people use gardening gloves to replace them. The ideal glove is one that fits your hand and protects your income from injury. Don’t look back at these gloves here. Some of them are both light and beautiful.

2.5 wrist guards: like knee guards, wrist guards with plastic brims are the best mutual wrist guards. At the same time, there are many substitutes with the same function.

3. How to clean and maintain the skateboard surface

3.1. Board surface: try not to hit the wall; Don’t let him enter the water. If there is a crack, try not to touch the water so as to prevent the wood from softening and losing its elasticity. If the board surface touches water, please dry it in time.

3.2. Sandpaper: some friends get some dirt on their feet when they play with the board. When they step on the board, it is a layer of things that have been dried up by gray white soil. Generally, it has no effect but is not beautiful. In fact, cleaning is very simple and uncomplicated: use a rag to wring out the water and then wipe the dusty place. Try to wipe it slowly. It doesn’t matter if it is heavier. The speed should be slow.

What are the new ways of skateboarding

Preparation items: n scooters (depending on personnel and games).

The first way of Playing: several friends play together, and the winner is determined by “stone scissors paper”. The winner stands on the scooter, while the other people act as rickshaw pullers, pushing the winner’s back or holding his shoulders. Of course, you can also specify the sliding distance. When you reach the end, you can use “stone scissors paper” to determine the winner and enter the next round of the game.

The second way to play: several friends take scooters and go to a place with a slope first (pay attention not to be too steep). Participants stand (or sit) on their own scooters and slide down the slope. Whoever skates fast is the winner.

How to choose children’s skateboards

1. The coat material of handrail is very important

The handrail has the functions of anti-skid, sweat absorption and shock resistance. In consideration of these effects, PVC thermoplastic elastomer is used in the design of armrest jacket, which has good weather resistance, aging resistance, oil resistance, ozone resistance and chemical resistance. Moreover, the price of PVC thermoplastic elastomer is low, which meets the requirements of armrest jacket. In addition, in order to improve its anti-skid performance, it is specially designed into a tooth shape, so that users can use it more comfortably and safely.

2. The scooter bracket must be strong

The slide bracket plays an important role in the performance of the slide. Therefore, the use of high-strength chrome plated steel pipes has excellent mechanical properties and can meet the requirements of high strength. The steel pipe is plated with a layer of metal chromium by plating and coloring, which has a bright decorative effect. The chromium plating layer has good high temperature wear resistance, which not only fully meets the requirements of pipe rolling, but also has a long service life.

3. The board surface shall be resistant to aging

The scooter has high requirements for the board surface. Generally, ASA plastic has better high temperature resistance; Good chemical resistance. ASA products can be directly used outdoors without surface protection such as painting and electroplating. After exposure to the sun for 15 months, the impact strength and elongation at break hardly changed, and the color did not change.

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