How to brake the double rocker skateboard

1. How to brake the double rocker skateboard

In fact, the most common and commonly used method is to come down directly and pick up the board. Of course, practice makes perfect, which may be difficult for novices.

It is recommended to use the foot root of the foot that normally supports the ground to rub the ground to slow down the speed.

You can also use the back foot to press down the cocked part, so that the board will stop quickly at a 45 degree angle. But I don’t encourage you to use this method, because the end of the bottom of the board will be severely worn in common use.

There is also a cool braking technique: jump up and catch the board body, or lift the other foot a little at the cocked place in front of the stationary pedal, and use the turning method to make the board slide forward laterally quickly (the body should tilt back).

2. Advantages of double tilting sliding plate

Double rocker skateboard is a kind of flexible skateboard, which is specially used for technical movements. It is divided into plate head and plate tail. Like other types of skateboards, there are bridges, wheels, shafts, sandpaper and plate surfaces.

Double rocker is a kind of skateboard often seen in ordinary life and used by many people. The double rocker is the foundation of skateboard, which is very effective for the exercise of skills and balance. For beginners, it is easier to find the center of gravity and maintain balance by using double rocker. If the road condition is not good, you can consider using shock-absorbing wheels. The speed of the double rocker is relatively fast, and the flexibility and stability are relatively good.

3. How about a double rocker skateboard for beginners

When beginners learn skateboarding, the first thing they need to learn is to mount and slide. The length and weight of the long board and the softness of the wheels are very suitable for beginners. Their stability is far better than that of double warping. They will not rely too much on flat terrain for walking (double warping is easy to be stuck by a small stone).

As the name implies, long boards are relatively long. Generally, long boards are about 1 meter long and short on both sides. The length of the double rocker skateboard is not very long, so it is not suitable for beginners to practice their movements with it.

How to choose skateboard

1. Plate surface

First of all, when choosing a skateboard, beginners should see what material the board surface is made of. It’s best to choose maple wood as the material, and there is a layer of sand on the front side to prevent slip. For the back side, you can choose various patterns according to your preferences. If a child wants to play on a skateboard, he can choose a flat one, which is more comfortable, while the concave panel may be uncomfortable.

2. Bracket

Of course, in the process of selecting the skateboard, we should also pay attention to the components of the bracket. It is recommended to choose the seagull bracket made of aluminum alloy, which is not only light but also strong and strong. Athletes can do any action on it, and when selecting, they can try it themselves. It should also undergo some anti-corrosion treatment, which can resist corrosion, and the service life of skateboarders will be longer. We should also pay attention to whether it has a cushioning pad, which can have better elasticity and reduce the vibration caused by playing.

3. Wheel

In skateboarding, the wheels are like our feet, which are “walking”, so we can’t ignore them. Try to choose Pu large filling wheel, which will be more wear-resistant and stable. It is stable and comfortable when sliding, and it can be used faster. For beginners, it can be wider to avoid the number of falls.

What should I pay attention to when I skateboard

1. Learn skills first

Before actual operation, you should master the skills of skateboarding. Beginners should read basic books or videos about skateboarding before playing skateboarding, and master the skills and precautions of skateboarding, especially the measures to deal with dangerous situations. If you have the conditions, you can find a teacher to teach you the skills of skateboarding. For beginners, skateboarding is strange, it is difficult to find the center of gravity, and it is easy to wrestle, so it is very important to learn skills first. After learning the skills, you can start to practice slowly, and if you persist for a long time, you can master the skateboarding skills skillfully.

2. Location selection

Skateboarding requires high ground conditions, especially for beginners, it is necessary to choose a flat ground. In addition, the selected place should be a place with small pedestrian flow to avoid collision with pedestrians. The better places to skateboard are mainly in the flat space of the park or in the square, not on the road.

3. Pay attention to safety

Beginners must wear protective equipment when practicing skateboarding. When playing skateboarding, you should pay attention not to speed, but to safety. If you practice slowly and persist for a long time, you will improve very well.

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