What should I pay attention to when I skateboard

If you want to play skateboarding well, you need to master skills and keep practicing. Skateboarding should rely on inertia to slide. Step on the right side of the middle front of the skateboard with your right foot on the ground and put your weight on your right foot. Then push your left foot on the ground to let the skateboard slide forward. Take your left foot back, step on the tail of the skateboard, stand parallel, and repeat the action of pushing your left foot on the ground.

After that, practice repeatedly, and after mastering this movement, you can slide for a long distance. Skateboarding should start with a short distance, and then slowly extend the distance or even increase the speed after repeated practice. However, attention must be paid to maintaining the center of gravity and controlling the direction.

Beginners must understand some basic movements clearly before boarding the skateboard, and do not blindly carry out them, which will definitely lead to wrestling. For beginners of skateboarding, wrestling often occurs because of unstable center of gravity, which is easy to be injured. Therefore, in addition to mastering basic movements, they should also wear protective equipment.

Skateboarding can help improve cardiopulmonary function, exercise physical coordination and leg muscles, and also play a certain role in weight loss. In addition, skateboarding can also test our psychological quality. Through long-term training, we can become more confident, stimulate the spirit of challenge and innovation, which is very good for our physical and mental health.

Finally, it should be noted that when you skateboard, you should choose a place with relatively few people. The ground should be relatively flat, preferably asphalt or cement. It is not suitable to skateboard on smooth marble ground. In addition, skateboarding requires good balance, and the waist, knees and ankles need to support the body, so these parts are very easy to be injured. Therefore, before skateboarding, you should do a good job of warming up and wear protective equipment such as knee pads, elbow pads and hard hats. When sliding, the speed should not be too fast, otherwise collision or falling may occur, causing injury.

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