Can excessive exfoliation whiten? Six mistakes to avoid in whitening

Many women who love beauty want to whiten and choose all kinds of whitening methods, but some whitening methods not only have poor whitening effect, but will hurt the skin. Is your whitening method right? The following experts will introduce the six misunderstandings of whitening. These wrong whitening methods will hurt your skin. Let’s have a look.

Six misunderstandings of whitening: 1. Excessive exfoliation although excessive accumulation of keratin will block pores, proper exfoliation can help skin regain luster, excessive exfoliation will make the stratum corneum thinner and thinner, and it is easy to lose the ability to store water and resist external environmental damage. Therefore, proper exfoliation is enough. After exfoliation, water must be replenished to protect the skin from damage.

2、 Don’t pay attention to sunscreen. Many beauties think that summer is the focus of sunscreen, but in autumn, it is relaxed. Although the sunlight in autumn is not as virulent as summer, the ultraviolet rays are still very strong, and the damage to the skin is still great. If we don’t do a good job in sunscreen in autumn, even if we use a large number of whitening products, it won’t work. It can be seen that sunscreen still needs to be done well.

3、 Most beauties don’t take care of themselves after washing their faces. After washing their faces, they think they are done. In fact, they don’t, because after cleaning, a large amount of moisture will be lost, and even the original moisture of the face skin will be taken away, making the skin drier. This is because there is no follow-up water locking product, so it is necessary to use makeup water in time to maintain the balance of oil and water and effectively protect the skin.

4、 Excessive application of lemon facial mask when many beauties hear that lemon can whiten, they often make their own lemon facial mask to apply it. Little do they realize that this will do great harm to the skin, because it contains irritating citric acid, which can easily lead to skin sensitivity, and even burn the skin to cause anti black or blistering. Excessive application of lemon facial mask or frequent drinking of undiluted lemon juice are harmful to the skin, so they should be careful.

5、 Excessive use of products containing fruit acid many beauties have the habit of using skin care, especially for newly launched products. Blind use of skin care products containing fruit acid will make the skin thinner, make the skin fragile and become more sensitive. Therefore, be careful when using skin care products. If it is a product containing fruit acid, it is best to use it at night to avoid the irritation caused by ultraviolet rays during the day..

6、 Indiscriminate use of skin care products many beauties have the habit of using skin care products. Proper and reasonable use has a certain effect on whitening skin, but you need to be careful when choosing, because there are many harmful ingredients in the products. Those harmful ingredients may make your skin white in the short term, but as time goes on, some skin problems will bother you and even cause greater harm to your skin.

In daily whitening, many women’s whitening methods are wrong. These wrong whitening methods may have whitening effect in the short term, but it is easy to harm the skin in the long term. Never make these mistakes mentioned above for whitening skin. These mistakes are easy to harm the skin. Women who love beauty must pay attention to them.

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