Fat people are more prone to chronic fatigue than ordinary people

Overwork such as late night overtime and working on holidays is an important cause of chronic fatigue. If you continue to work hard, fatigue will accumulate, leading to the decline of your body’s immunity, and may even suffer from serious infections. Therefore, you must be especially vigilant and learn to deal with fatigue yourself.

know the substances in the brain that can make you happy

In the human brain, there are the “dopamine nerve” that makes people happy and the “serotonin” that makes people feel calm. These substances that convey information about the nervous system are called dopamine and serotonin, both of which are “brain substances that can make people happy”. Keeping a happy mood is the key to increasing these substances in the brain. Dopamine and serotonin can be activated while feeling cheerful mood and happiness. When we play games, watch sports competitions and listen to favorite music together, we will receive Qi from the cutting edge of the tree, which can increase the substances in the brain and relax the body and mind.

Happy mood can increase substances in the brain. It is often difficult to activate substances in the brain when feeling low or talking with a knife. In order to increase the material in the brain, we must forget our worries and enjoy the present. You can enjoy a happy dinner with your friends or go to a concert. Or writing to old friends and chatting with friends can increase happiness. Forgetting unpleasant things and indulging in happy things and happiness will increase the substances in the brain that can make you happy.

Laughter can relax the brain. Laughter is the best way to combat stress. Laughter can eliminate the tension of the brain, so keep smiling at all times. Research has found that laughter can not only increase self immunity, but also increase dopamine and serotonin in brain substances. Even if it can’t come from the edge of the tree, Zheng should keep smiling as much as possible. When you keep smiling on your face, the information of the expression muscles can be transmitted to the brain, so that the brain can relax. Practice smiling in front of the mirror every day. First of all, keep smiling.

Basking in the sun can also increase the material in the brain. When people are exposed to the sun in a bright place, they can become more energetic. Although there are many reasons, studies have found that when people are exposed to sunlight, they can increase serotonin in brain substances. Therefore, moderate exposure to the sun can help relax the brain. Pingr sits in the office all day, and other people who are often in the dark environment can take advantage of the lunch break to go out for a walk. When you are on vacation, don’t stay at home all day. You can go out for a walk or go shopping to increase the time to bask in the sun. As long as you go out of the door, your mood will become cheerful and your tired heart will recover calm.

Excess fat is also a cause of fatigue

Obese people are more prone to fatigue than ordinary people. Because, the fat of the whole body becomes a part of the body weight, which causes a great burden to the body. Obese people are like carrying heavy luggage all day long. Even if they walk the same distance and have the same degree of activity, they are more likely to feel tired than e-people. You might as well lose 3kg to try. You will feel lighter and less tired than before. Obesity may not only increase “easy fatigue”, but also has adverse effects on health. When you feel “a little fat recently”, you can start walking or doing gymnastics and do some simple exercises.

That is, to know your obesity level from “BMI”. Now, let’s know how fat you are. At present, “BMI”, which is calculated by using the physical index, is the most common standard for judging obesity. As long as you are not a sportsman or a bodybuilder, there is a certain proportion between BMI and fat.

Practice energy walking in aerobic exercise, energy walking is a simple exercise. Energy walking is an ideal walking method with oxygen inhalation effect, and it is also one of the ideal methods to lose weight. The energy walking method is slightly different from the general walking method.

1. It is a little faster than walking, and the pace is also larger.

2. Perform abdominal breathing in accordance with the pace (breathe in for two or three times and then exhale for two or three times).

First of all, in step 1, as long as you take big steps, you can strengthen muscles and increase oxygen intake, which helps promote cardiopulmonary function. In the abdominal breathing of 2, rhythmic breathing can increase the effect of oxygen inhalation. Energy walking is more ideal for burning fat than vigorous exercises such as rhythmic exercise and weight lifting, so it is also suitable for weight loss.

When you are extremely tired, it is not suitable for exercise. When you are seriously tired, you must not exercise. Because, on the contrary, exercise will accumulate fatigue and make symptoms more serious. People who suffer from insomnia think that moderate exercise can increase fatigue and sleep. As a result, exercise during the day makes them “sleepless at night”. This is because the tired body is more tired, and even the power of sleep is available. Moderate exercise is helpful to sleep, but people with “severe fatigue” will be more tired and unable to sleep if they exercise. Therefore, in extreme fatigue, rest is more important than exercise.

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