Farewell to chronic fatigue health plan

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a newly recognized disease in modern medicine. The main symptoms of the disease are insomnia and dreaminess, tinnitus and forgetfulness, backache, hair loss and early whitening of beard and hair. It is characterized by continuous and repeated attacks of symptoms that last for more than 6 months, and can not be relieved even with full rest.

According to the results of a preliminary survey on chronic fatigue syndrome in 10 major cities in China, such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, the incidence rate of chronic fatigue syndrome in urban population is between 10% and 25%, and white-collar workers are the “high-risk group” of chronic fatigue syndrome.

The intense pace of work and life will cause physical and mental fatigue. Fatigue is a physiological warning reaction of the human body, which suggests that people should rest. Fatigue caused by short-term excessive activities can be quickly recovered after rest, but long-term overload and excessive nightlife will lead to accumulation of fatigue – overwork. Overwork will damage your health, which is the “overdraft” of your health. If you go on for a long time, you will inevitably get sick.

the “weather forecast” of “slow fatigue”

“Slow fatigue” is very common in life, but it is not just “tired”. It refers to a group of physical and mental disorders caused by extreme fatigue. In terms of psychology, it seems that I can’t do as hard as I used to; Later, I always felt that my memory was poor, and I now love to forget figures that were easy to remember in the past; I also feel that my attention is not focused, and I always hear what others say vaguely; Slowly, he became irritable and sensitive — the gentle sound of opening the door and the cat’s cry from afar could be amplified into annoying vibrations and growls. Because of sensitivity, impatience and irritability, everyone will stay aloof and interpersonal relations will become worse and worse.

Physically, a series of symptoms such as low fever, headache and dizziness appeared, but the actual physical examination was OK. Fatigue syndrome often occurs in young and middle-aged people, and students can also see it. Naturally, patients who work long, study hard and are not good at combining work and rest are the causes. The light cases of fatigue syndrome will hurt their mental and physical health, work and study efficiency and interpersonal relationships; Serious cases may cause sudden death.

rest is not sleep.

Rest is the magic weapon to overcome fatigue. However, rest is not equal to sleeping. Excessive sleep or inaction will reduce the metabolism of the body, resulting in further decline of human activity and stronger fatigue. Especially for people who have been feeling tired for a long time, a small rest is already a drop in the bucket and does not play a big role.

Only moderate relaxation and adjustment of body and mind can improve the problem of fatigue. The most common suggestion is to do more exercises to improve physical fitness. In addition, the easiest and hardest thing to do is to adjust sleep. “Slow fatigue” is usually accompanied by sleep problems. To resist “slow fatigue”, we must first ensure good sleep.

It’s best to take a nap at 1:00 p.m., because at this time, the human body’s feeling drops and it’s easy to fall asleep. It is better to go to bed at 10-11 o’clock at night, because people’s deep sleep time is from 12:00 midnight to 3:00 am the next day. At this time, the body temperature, respiration, pulse and whole body state have reached the lowest point. People can enter the deep sleep state one and a half hours after going to bed.

The best time to get up is 5-6 in the morning, because according to the law of metabolism, the body temperature will rise and the essence will start to grow, so it is the best time to get up.

trick to resist “slow fatigue”

1. Give yourself 15 minutes more every morning, and you won’t feel rushed and tired to start your day’s life.

2. Take multivitamins. If you feel uncomfortable because you miss a meal, go on a diet, or have an abnormal diet, you may as well take a multi vitamin and mineral supplement every day. Because malnutrition may cause fatigue, if you use appropriate supplements, you can remedy the lack of nutrients, but don’t expect any vitamins to give you energy immediately.

3. Quit smoking. Smoking can block the delivery of oxygen to various tissues, and the result is fatigue. When you first quit smoking, don’t expect your physical fitness to recover immediately, because nicotine in cigarettes is a stimulant. Quitting smoking may cause temporary fatigue, but it is quite effective for those who are tired for a long time.

4. Lose weight properly. It is best to go both ways from diet and exercise, and eat less sweets. Because too much sugar will activate insulin excessively, change blood sugar, make people mentally tired and difficult to sit and stand.

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