Rules of golf

1. Rules of golf

Although golf has many rules, the most basic one is the following two points: players must play under fair conditions. In the course of the competition, we must be able to objectively deal with the situation that is favorable to us.

As for other rules, they are based on the above two basic principles. It is up to you to abide by the rules. Although the golf rules are formulated by the Golf Association, most of them are still entrusted to the players themselves to carry out the actual management. During the competition, each player has the responsibility to make the competition fair and just; And based on the spirit of fair competition, each choice should require himself to be a referee who abides by the rules.

To drive a ball into a hole by striking it. The so-called basic principle of playing golf is to continuously hit a ball from the tee until it enters the hole. When the ball is still, the game can be continued. When the ball is hit, no matter what state it is in, it should wait until the ball is still before continuing the game. This is the unchanging rule of golf. You must not touch or move the position of the ball, nor change the surrounding environment for the convenience of swinging.

2. What are the general rules of golf competition

A golf match is a game in which the ball is driven into the hole by one shot or consecutive shots from the service area according to the rules.

Exert influence on the ball players or caddies shall not do anything that affects the position or movement of the ball except to act in accordance with the rules on time.

The player who violates the rules through negotiation shall not negotiate to exclude the application of any rules or exempt the punishment that has been adjudicated.

3. What are the golf competitions

American tour

The American tour is the most influential competition among the six tournaments. About 45 regular seasons are held in the United States every year. The total prize money of each race is between $5 million and $5.3 million. Only players with the top 125 prize money of the American tour are eligible to register.

European Tour

The European tour has the largest number of events each year, with more than 50, with a total prize of 1-2 million US dollars. It is held all over the world.

Japan tour diamond cup

The diamond cup of the Japan tour has about 30 competitions every year, with a total prize of about $1 million per station. The competitions are only held locally. Book the event through JGC golf.

Southern tour, Australian tour, Asian tour

The scale of the southern tour and the Australian tour is relatively small. There are about 10 races each year, and the total prize of each race is not less than $1 million. The number of Asian tour matches is less, but it develops rapidly.

How to play golf well

In general, a strong shot needs to keep the right side of the body stable. However, the grip is not the same. Many golfers hold the club too tightly with their right hands, which leads to unnecessary tension. In addition, it will make you swing too far or hit a crosscut to cause an outward curve. The solution is: before each swing, check the tension of the right side of the body involved in the grip, including the hand, arm and shoulder. If the tension is divided into 1-10 levels, the muscle tension should be in the degree of “6” or “7”. Relaxed muscles can play better than tight muscles.

Stable right knee (swing) when swinging back, it is important to keep the center of gravity on the inside of the right foot and the right knee slightly bent. Failure to do this step well will lead to mistakes in hitting and loss of strength. When you swing back, imagine that your right knee is as solid as a wall. This can ensure the full rotation of the upper part of the body, so that you can hit the ball more strongly, and of course it can fly farther.

Correct position of the ball (ball position) the position of the ball should be determined according to the club used. For example, if you use a short iron (7, 8, 9, PW), the position of the ball should be in the middle of the standing position. As the club head angle increases, the ball should be farther away from the front foot. When using wooden clubs, the ball should be just inside the left heel. And remember, if you want to hit the low flying ball correctly, the ball position should be back; And the fly ball should be in front.

Precautions for playing golf

When hitting the ball, synchronize your right hip with your arms

Before and after hitting the ball, you should feel that your left leg is the axis and supports most of your weight. Your right hip is close to your elbows and moves forward synchronously.

If you can synchronize your right hip with your elbows, it means that your upper body is facing the ball squarely. Your left shoulder, hands and club head almost reach the hitting position at the same time. When hitting, the club face is facing the target, so that you can hit a solid and straight ball. If the hips rotate too much and the arms fall behind, the clubface will open to the right when hitting the ball, and the ball will fly to the right.

The short iron should be driven down

In order to hit a solid short iron, especially with a short iron, you must let the head of the club hit the ball down. It’s like nailing it to the board with a hammer. Let the club head nail down between the ball and the grass.

The downswing should extend the wrist bending time as much as possible, shift the weight to the left foot, feel the right hip press down, hit the ball first, and then shovel off a piece of turf. If you try to sweep or pick up the ball when you go down, it is easy to cause a thick “hit”, that is, shovel to the grass first and then touch the ball, which is a very serious mistake.

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