These diseases come out of sleep, but many people don’t realize it

In September, the weather is slightly cool, which is a good time to sleep in. But Xiao Jiu still slept! no Right! I envy those who can sleep late. It’s not that she doesn’t have time, but that her biological clock is limited. Xiao Jiu will wake up naturally after sleeping at most 7.5 hours a day. For example, she goes to bed at 23:00 and opens her eyes at 6:30 in the morning. It’s annoying.

But in terms of health, this is a good thing. If you are too sleepy, you may be sick.

common causes of sleepiness

1. Good performance without sleep

One is lack of sleep time. Many young people are full-fledged night owls. They suffer from sleep late obsessive-compulsive disorder. They are sleepy and still brush away their mobile phones. Especially for office workers, if they go to bed late and get up early during work, most of them will feel sleepy and want to sleep during the day if they have less than 7 hours of sleep.

Another is poor sleep quality. There are many reasons for poor sleep quality, such as insomnia, dreaming, snoring, etc. even if you sleep for 7 hours, you will still feel tired when you wake up the next day. After a long time, you will naturally become sleepy and have dizziness. If not adjusted in time, it will also cause neurasthenia.

The solution – simple, sleep. We must overcome the “late night obsessive-compulsive disorder”, put down the mobile phone at the appointed time, and sleep enough for 7-8 hours. And eliminate the external factors that cause you to sleep poorly, create a good sleeping environment, and prevent insomnia.

2. Signals of disease

· cold

Everyone must have experienced sleepiness after catching a cold. The medical community believes that sleepiness after catching a cold may be related to cold medicine. Some cold medicines may cause side effects such as drowsiness and drowsiness. If you are still sleepy without taking cold medicine, that is the normal reaction of the body’s immunity, which indicates that the patient lacks rest.

Solution – no matter whether you take medicine or not, if you have sleepiness during a cold, you should stay in bed and drink more water. Only by recuperating can we safeguard the body’s functions and drive away colds.

· anemia

Anemia can lead to lethargy. In this era of excess nutrition, although anemia may have been significantly reduced than before, it is still not uncommon. If anemia occurs in the human body, it will reduce the amount of hemoglobin and affect the oxygen supply to the brain. The brain in the hypoxia state will gradually enter a state of inhibition, and there will be lethargy, fatigue, mental retardation and other phenomena.

Solution – add some iron. Of course, first of all, you should go to the hospital to check the blood routine or four items of anemia, make a clear diagnosis, and then make plans to remove the causes of anemia as far as possible.

· armour reduction

“Hypothyroidism” is the abbreviation of hypothyroidism, with a tendency of “valuing women over men”. “Lazy, fat and weak” is a typical expression. The attenuation of thyroid function will also cause lethargy in the elderly, and at the same time, it will be accompanied by fear of cold, increased blood lipids, reduced activity ability and other phenomena.

Solution – seek medical attention as soon as possible at this time.

· liver disease

People with liver problems are also prone to feel physical fatigue. The common symptoms are mental distress, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, and the patient will be sleepy. If you feel tired, weak and sleepy for a long time, please see a doctor in time to avoid liver disease.

The solution is not only to seek medical treatment, but also to nourish the liver and reduce the burden on the liver. Abstain from alcohol and greasiness.

· cerebral hypoxia

The manifestation of cerebral hypoxia is sluggish thinking, slow reaction, sleepiness, fatigue without great physical exertion, mental and physical exhaustion, and sleepiness. There are many reasons for brain hypoxia, such as excessive use of the brain, large-scale emotional fluctuations, altitude reaction, etc., which are easy to lead to brain hypoxia. Correct response can often be cured in time.

Solution – change the current pace of life. The exercise is exercise, the relaxation is relaxation. Cultivate self-cultivation, maintain a healthy psychology, and maintain a good work and rest and diet.

· diabetes

Being sleepy in spring and tired in autumn is actually a normal physiological phenomenon when the seasons change. It does not affect work and life. Generally, there is no big problem. However, if the elderly are often sleepy, we should pay enough attention to it, because diabetes will cause sleepiness.

Diabetes patients are prone to lethargy because of the disorder of glucose metabolism in the patient’s body and the inability of blood sugar to be fully utilized by the body, which leads to the rise of blood sugar and the elimination of a large amount of sugar from the urine, resulting in physical decline, mental depression, and even the reduction of oxidative stress reaction of the central nervous system, which leads to lethargy.

Solution – timely inspection is fundamental. If you know that you have diabetes, you should follow the doctor’s advice and have a healthy life.

· heart disease

Fatigue and fatigue are common symptoms of various heart diseases. Heart disease can make blood circulation blocked, metabolic wastes (mainly lactic acid) can accumulate in tissues, stimulate nerve endings, and make people feel tired. Fatigue can be light or heavy, light can be ignored, and heavy can hinder work.

Solution – because it is difficult to distinguish fatigue caused by heart disease and other diseases, if you are often sleepy during the day, you’d better go to the hospital to test the level of C-reactive protein or coronary artery CT. Early prevention is very important.

· narcolepsy

Narcolepsy is a kind of chronic sleep disorder with unknown causes. Clinically, it is characterized by irresistible short-term sleep onset, which is more than that of children or youth. Often accompanied by sudden onset, sleep paralysis, sleep hallucinations and other symptoms.

Solution – the symptoms are so obvious that even a dull person should realize that it is a disease. However, the number of people suffering from this disease is relatively small. Whether to treat it with western medicine or traditional Chinese medicine depends on the doctor.

· sleep apnea syndrome

In addition to sleepiness, fatigue and lethargy during the day, sleep related respiratory disorders may be accompanied by snoring at night and intermittent respiratory arrest. The reason for drowsiness and fatigue is the lack of oxygen in the body caused by apnea during sleep. The lack of oxygen in the body will prevent all organs of the body from getting a good rest. Frequent apnea will constantly interrupt deep sleep, resulting in a decline in sleep quality at night and sleepiness during the day.

Solution – change your posture and go to sleep. This is a short-term solution. In the long run, we should go to a doctor.

It’s ok if sleepiness doesn’t affect work and life, but usually daytime sleepiness will reduce work efficiency. It’s better to pay attention to it and solve it in time~

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