watch out! Sleeping like this will kill you

What a happy and beautiful thing it is to go home after a busy day’s work, drag your tired body, wash and sleep. Sleeping is not only a complete and systematic way of rest, but also an effective way of scientific health preservation. But if you sleep in the wrong way, it will not only be harmful to your health, but also may kill you!

1. Have a good meal before going to bed

If you eat too much before going to bed, your stomach and intestines should speed up digestion. A stomach full of food will constantly stimulate your brain. When the brain is excited, people can’t sleep peacefully. As traditional Chinese medicine says, “if the stomach is not harmonious, you can’t sleep peacefully”.

2. Sleep with a bra

Bra is an important guarantee for breast protection. But many people do not know that wearing a bra to sleep will attract diseases, especially breast tumors. Women who wear bras for more than 17 hours a day have a more than 20 times higher risk of breast cancer than those who wear bras for a short time or do not wear bras. This is because wearing bras for a long time will cause long-term pressure on the breast, obstruct lymphatic reflux, and retain harmful substances in the breast, which will eventually lead to breast cancer.

3. Sleep with hands and pillows

Some people are used to putting their hands under their heads when they sleep. Little do they know that this will not only affect blood circulation, leading to numbness and pain in the upper limbs, but also increase the pressure in the abdomen. For a long time, this will cause reflux esophagitis, affect the intake of nutrients, and lead to withered gas and color.

4. Sleep with your head covered

The weather is getting cooler, especially in winter, many people will have to sleep with their heads covered to keep warm. In fact, this is very bad for my health. Because doing so will increase the concentration of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the quilt, and if you inhale humid air for a long time, it will harm the brain and lead to hypoxia. After waking up, you may feel dizzy, weak and spiritless.

5. The pillow is too high

If the pillow is too high, it will affect the respiratory tract, snore easily, and lead to neck discomfort or hunchback for a long time, which will affect the posture; If the pillow is too low, it is easy to cause “falling pillow”, or too much blood flows into the brain, resulting in dizziness and puffiness of eyelids the next day. Therefore, the height of the pillow should be 8-12cm.

6. Open your mouth and breathe.

When sleeping, breathing with open mouth will not only inhale dust, but also stimulate the trachea, lungs and ribs by cold air, which will affect the physical function.

7. Exercise vigorously before going to bed

Vigorous exercise before going to bed will make the brain’s nerve cells in an excited state, making people unable to calm down in a short time, fall asleep as soon as possible, and affect the quality of sleep. Therefore, people should try to keep calm before going to bed.

8. Sleep relative to each other

For example, husband and wife, mother and son often sleep opposite each other. However, it is easy to cause one party to inhale the exhaust gas breathed by the other party, resulting in a lack of fresh oxygen or insufficient oxygen supply to the brain, insomnia, dreaminess and mental depression.

And because everyone’s sleeping habits are different, pulling the quilt, kicking, snoring, etc. are easy to cause the quilt to slip, catch a cold, and affect sleep.

9. Sleep off your shoulder

Habitually leaking the shoulder outside the quilt can easily lead to the invasion of wind and cold, leading to blood stasis in local meridians and joints, which is not easy to circulate, forming rheumatism, arthritis, joint soreness and pain.

10. Watch TV to sleep

Now most people have TV in their bedrooms, so many people are used to watching TV and falling asleep naturally. But if you do this, you will wake up soon, resulting in insufficient sleep time. This will create a vicious circle, which will deepen poor sleep and affect physical health.

At least 1 / 3 of a person’s life is spent in sleep. Therefore, sleep is closely related to health. If you often have the above sleeping habits, you should be alert and correct them immediately!

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